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  1. Jaberwky17

    Preparing to pull a field grown Scots - need advice

    I have a Scots pine that I purchased at a local nursery as a 3-5 year old seedling about 4 years ago. It went directly into the ground at my old house, stayed there for a year, and when we moved it came with me - transplanted ground-to-ground in October (I didn't have any choice). It took a...
  2. Jaberwky17

    Wiring a guy line collar (picea)

    I noticed an interesting wiring detail on another thread and thought I'd share my technique for creating a guy line anchor point on a trunk. In this case I'm attempting to put a gradual trunk bend on a tall picea. I was able to use a tubing protected wire collar at the base with no danger of...
  3. Jaberwky17

    Japanese quince in the ground in Zone 4b?

    I'm having a fun time reading about Japanese bonsai technique for flowering quince in old (1950s-70s era) guidebooks. They have such a perfunctory and methodical approach: "In Japan, flowering quince are grown in ground for two years to develop a large stem, root-pruned to encourage rooting...
  4. Jaberwky17

    Larch first styling

    I wasn't smart enough to make sure I had a "before" image of this, sorry. I got this guy last spring and made a sketch in June. The seller suggested to chop it way low and grow it out, but I kept this sketch at my desk and looked at it for a few months (as well as looking at the tree). I...
  5. Jaberwky17

    Happy buds!

    No, not that kind. I live in a 'dry' state still. I'm talking about sprouts on my first air layer attempt. I decided to try it on an apple tree from my back yard. I girdled a select branch in the spring but by late summer it had only produced a bunch of root nodes, no actual roots. However the...
  6. Jaberwky17

    One of these things is not like the other, or eeny meeny foemina moe

    I bought a smaller foemina pre-bonsai this week with plans for a tall literati styling eventually. After work I stopped by a local nursery and they had five large three gallon needle juniper type trees listed as 'star power' junipers. At 4 feet tall and $40 each I couldn't resist. They are...
  7. Jaberwky17

    Grafting eur. Olive?

    I've searched for what I thought would be a fairly common question but nothing. I have a nice fat eur. olive whose apex died off a couple of years ago. Since then I've been letting it grow and it is super healthy now. I'd like to gain some foliage a bit further back on the good branches and...
  8. Jaberwky17

    Mid-season leaf dieback - J maple

    The first J maple (variety unknown) I got has a very curious habit that I've watched over three seasons now. It leafs out just fine but about this time of year - July/August - the leaves start to wither and die. The first season I know I had it in too much sun and wind, so started protecting...
  9. Jaberwky17

    Help me understand sun exposure and root happiness

    As a four year newbie, I feel like I’m starting to see results and am trying to pay attention. But something happened this past week to cause me a bit of surprise. I’m pretty sure I know the answer but thought I’d toss it out for comment and advice. I suspect that my entire collection of...
  10. Jaberwky17

    Juniper with a skirt?

    i had a very weird dream recently about bonsai. Oh, I dream about bonsai a lot, but this one was just. Plain weird. One particular tree stuck with me and I was able to remember a lot about it when I woke up. I would call it some kind of either tanuki or massively carved "shari". The basic...
  11. Jaberwky17

    You know you're a bonsai geek when...

    you use your branch splitter when the toenail clippers just won't cut it. Literally.
  12. Jaberwky17

    How to determine when to wrap before branch wiring?

    I would guess that the obvious answer is, if in doubt, wrap it. Or better safe than sorry. I have (an assumed) California juniper that I'd like to style. The bottom left branch in the first photo is the one in question. It is the size of my finger in diameter and very flexible. However I...
  13. Jaberwky17

    One of these pines is not like the other (JBP needle color)

    I have 2 JBPs currently. Both are from "northern" growers - one in NE and the other in MI. The one in question seems to be growing very well and healthy for all purposes but realized that what I thought was pale green needles in spring never turned out to be dark green needles in summer as I...
  14. Jaberwky17

    Little white specks on Bougainvillea leaves, and other fun junk

    First time Bougie owner, glad to be here with you all. I have two questions if I may be so bold. Everything I read says that Bougies need to dry out well between waterings. Mine seems to want more water than that. If I dont, the leaves start to wilt and it doesn't seem as happy. It gets full...
  15. Jaberwky17

    Honeysuckle progress

    Large honeysuckle tree collected late summer 2013. Moderate budding and some runners that fall. Moderate leafing in 2014, no berries or flowers. Very healthy growth this season, full flowering and berries galore. future plans are to get it down to about 12-18" of main trunk eventually. I...
  16. Jaberwky17

    Fresh Benches

    I was tired of my trees sitting on low boxes and random spots all over the place so it was time for some simple benches. Inspired by a thread on here the other day, I sketched a design on Friday, bought lumber that afternoon. Built both benches Saturday morning, stained Sunday, installed last...
  17. Jaberwky17

    Root work on Taxus urbanadori

    I've got a collected yew that's been in my care for almost 2 years. It's in a large 24"x36" box with its rootball in "native" soil from the collection site (urban restaurant landscape). It has had a couple of tough winters and about half its foliage has been lost. I'd like to reduce the root...
  18. Jaberwky17

    Developing a chop

    I admit I haven't researched this so I don't know if there is some kind of "earn your stripes" as it applies to putting a chop on a pot. However I started my first pottery class last night and the whole intent is to produce my own pots. I figure rather than scrawling my name on the things I...
  19. Jaberwky17

    Quick sketch

    Sitting and visiting with my wife tonight, sketching on the iPad using Paper app. We visited an historic mansion last weekend that was built in the arts and crafts era so I was a little inspired by the style.
  20. Jaberwky17

    Recent olive purchase

    UPDATED PHOTOS Recently got this very attractive olive from a Facebook bonsai auction. Ive been really drawn to the bark and leaves of the olea family so this was a must have for me. I know that keeping it happy in our short summers might be a challenge soi will be looking into artificial...
  21. Jaberwky17

    My Zone 4B winter cold frame

    I bought a 10' x 12' metal shed, put it on a wood base in the side yard. I planned for the back 4 feet or so to be a cold frame. I built a metal wall with scrap from the shed kit, covered it with 1" R-5 rigid insulation board on all walls, roof, and floor. All seams got filled with expanding...
  22. Jaberwky17

    Why are chojubai quince so expensive?

    Noticed that it seems like every time I see a chojubai quince for sale online it's really expensive for the size and development. I admittedly don't know a lot about them. What gives?
  23. Jaberwky17

    Ponderosa bending

    I purchased this tall bunjin-y Pondo from Andy Smith early in 2014. it looked like this when I got it. A few months ago I did a little bending at the top to bring things together a bit. the vision i had was more bunjin, with foliage at the top. The other day, when replacing the tension...
  24. Jaberwky17

    No Crap?

    Fun stuff on Andy Smith's site (Golden Arrow) For that "hey Fido, climb up here and help me out" moment in every bonsai grower's life. Scoop some up today!
  25. Jaberwky17

    Bonsai Tattoo - from the wayback machine

    More than 25 years ago, I was a young rock n roll punk who wanted a cool tattoo. I had an interest in bonsai but no hands on experience. I sketched this design, which incorporates the tree (juniper I think?) and the Japanese characters for rhythm and power. I have recently started shopping...
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