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  1. BonsaiMatt

    Three Leaved Trident Maple

    One shoot on this trident maple has three leaves per node, rotating 120 degrees each node. Anyone seen this before? Thinking about rooting a cutting from that branch to see if this behavior persists...
  2. BonsaiMatt

    Bending an Old Wisteria

    Howdy Nuts, I wanted to share some details about an old wisteria in my collection. I got the tree from @lordy a couple years ago, hopefully he can chime in if he recalls any details about the history of the tree. If I remember correctly, it was dug from an old member’s yard around 2010, and...
  3. BonsaiMatt

    Digging a Large Trident Maple

    This Trident has been growing in my yard for around 10 years, I think it was probably around 5 years old when I planted it. I had a bunch of earlier pictures of the trunk development, but naturally I lost them. I've allowed it to grow to 15-20 feet and chopped it back to the ground around 5...
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