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  1. dragonlee

    Forest/group/grove plantings

    Hello nuts, I am putting together a plan to plant my first forest. I've done plenty of research, ie..reading materials, talking with people, watching multiple videos, and inspecting many pictures. In all of my research, I have come across forest settings of only one species of trees. I was...
  2. dragonlee

    Box store bonsai

    Hello everyone. All of these are on clearance, and was just wondering if any of them are worth taking home? Do any of them have potential to become a nice bonsai? Root hormone used for size comparison.
  3. dragonlee


    Got myself 2 new 'pink storm' quince, yesterday. Both were free. So, if i lose them, i won't be heartbroken. Going to do some photo searches of others, and see what can be done with them. I like the movement on the one, and already see, what i think, is the front view. the other, smaller one, i...
  4. dragonlee

    Box store bonsai

    OMG, this absolutely drives me bonkers. grrrrrrrrrrr. I cannot stand seeing bonsai, with this rock, glued in place. These guys are going to die. I wish they weren't even sold. I'd love to take every one of them home, and help them, if I could. I'm sure you all feel the same. Rant over....
  5. dragonlee

    Speria from nursery stock

    Hello everyone. New here, so please don't beat me up. I go this speria from a big box store. I absolutely love the trunk movement, and had to bring it home. I'd like some help from you guys, about cutting. I took off a bunch of tridents and unnecessary branches. Now I'm stuck. I know I have to...
  6. dragonlee

    dawn redwood help

    Hello everyone. I'm fairly new to bonsai, only 2 years experience, and I've been reading this forum for awhile now. Figured I'd say hello and ask for some advice. I just received this dawn redwood. It is double trunked and I'm not sure what to do with it. I searched and have not found any pics...
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