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    OT: In a modern day dogfight, how far can you visually see another fighter?

    not talking about on radar. You're in the cock pit, you're following someone, and they hit the after burns. How far will you be able to see them? I need to settle a debate and this seemed like the appropriate place to do so. Thx.
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    ITT we post random scientific numbers that will blow your mind....

    There are 8 times as many atoms in a teaspoonful of water as there are teaspoonfuls of water in the Atlantic ocean.
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    Happy Forth! Need help.

    Happy 4th to all! I have been out of the game for what seems like forever. My wife wants to get me a tree from my birthday. I really didn't take it seriously before but now I'm ready. I told her that I'd like a Japanese White Pine. Anyone have any experience with these? If so, are they hard...
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    First Bonsai

    First bonsai. Is not working as planned. I cut it down twice. I have let it go over the past couple months. Should I put this into a ceramic pot? I just added some bonsai soil last week because I am committing myself to learning the process over the next couple years. The roots have set in...
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    Please help. I'd like to show you guys a juniper that I have. I used the search function but nothing worked. I used the picture button on the thread, but do you need a photo bucket account to post a picture? Thanks and Merry Christmoss.
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    Christmas Traditions

    Let's hear em! Mine: Evey year we eat turkey and all hang out with family, open presents, look at Christmas lights, and listen to Christmas music. Yours? Merry Merry!
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    Too many forums for us beginners on here. Need a search function to funnel through everything. JMHO
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    Been Reading....

    Brand new to the game here. Heard this place is the place to go for good advice. Where do I go for lessons and what is the most important peice of advise that you received when you started bonzi? Really excited and can't wait to get started.
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