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  1. Maloghurst

    Question growing maple seeds.

    Hello, I have germinated a bunch of trident and Japanese maple seeds. I built a box, filled with medium, spread all the seeds out and covered with about 1/4” of medium. I have a piece of glass that could completely cover the box and increase temp and humidity or I should I put screen over the...
  2. Maloghurst

    Clump heritage river birch?

    I’ve been looking at this for probably 2 years at a local nursery and contemplating its potential. I have thus far left it alone. It’s on clearance for about 70.00. I probably won’t buy it but curious if you all see a great opportunity or a waste of time, money and space. I did a quick virt on...
  3. Maloghurst

    Choose a front please.

    I thought I had a front but I’m not so sure now. commemts welcome. First choice (roughly current front) has good nebari and branch placement but leans away from the viewer although it does start to come back at the top. Second choice has better movement and branch placement but nebari is mostly...
  4. Maloghurst

    Seiju elm no.1

    This is a little seiju elm. It’s 11” tall at the tallest branch. Trunk is 5.5” tall. Bought in April 2019 from a nursery as a shrub. Thought about hedging this because of the growth habit but decided I did not want a chia pet on my bench. Potentially be a shohin but I’m less concerned about size...
  5. Maloghurst

    Collect or not to collect?

    Pros: 1.Amazing nebari. The trunk is about 5” across and the radial root spread is about 10” all the way around. Pics don’t do justice. 2. Should be an easy dig, shallow root system, hence the spreading nebari. Cons: 1. Almost all juvenile foliage, I think this type of juniper is always this...
  6. Maloghurst

    Windswept Italian plum progression

    I collected this plum as a weed whacked volunteer from a neighbors plum tree. Italian plum I believe. I saw potential in the old shari. There is really only one front for this tree and I’ve had trouble for months trying to envision a direction including seeking advice on Bnut. I think I’ve...
  7. Maloghurst

    Flowering plum styling

    I have several plum trees that I’ve collected and this is one that I collected last March.It has interesting shari. I’m just letting it recover for now but I put a little wire because when these branches set they are rock hard so I have to wire early. The branches are also very easy to snap. The...
  8. Maloghurst

    Pest identification please

    Hello everyone, this pest is on 2 of my mock orange in the landscape. Any help would be appreciated. Scale?
  9. Maloghurst

    Tree identification please

    First is a pine. Needles and cone looks like JBP but the candles do not. Needles are sharp. The second tree is a maple, trident or Amur I think that was collected late and might die but if it lives I’ll probably get it inexpensive Thank you!
  10. Maloghurst

    Help with huge shishigashira.

    I collected a huge shishigashira today. It was headed for the compost tomorrow so I went for it. The pic probably does not do justice to the size. Also I’m not 100% on cultivar because I haven’t seen the leaves yet. But the internodes look like shishi. The rootball in the pic is about 26x40”...
  11. Maloghurst

    Which would you buy?

    I’ve been saving for awhile and at some point I’m going to spend 200-400 on a prebonsai. I have about 35 trees of all sorts and been practicing and studying bonsai for about 4 years. Everything I have is being developed from nursery stock or collected and still has a way to go. I’m not really...
  12. Maloghurst

    I thought spring was here two weeks ago.

    Two weeks ago we had great weather in Seattle and I had trees already blooming! Now I’m out knocking 12 inches of snow off my branches so they don’t break.
  13. Maloghurst

    Developing JWP

    Hello all, I came across these neglected JWP at a local nursery. No graft and I’m I’m guessing 3-6 years old. I paid $10 for the smaller ones and $20 for the larger. I thought they would be good project to learn JWP on. The lower portions had a lot of moss and dead branching on the trunks. These...
  14. Maloghurst

    When chopping back to new leader, question.

    I’ve read that when chopping back to new leader we should use knob cutter or grinder and carve out the trunk. I’ve also read that it should be smooth surface with absolutely no burrs or rough spots. I am curious what gets the best results for full healing of the chop scar? Here are mine with...
  15. Maloghurst

    Yew styling, help please.

    I’ve this yew a couple years and just not sure how to proceed. It’s got very good base flare and crispy bark. It’s not leaning on the pot edge( it appears this way) it is solid in the pot supporting itself as seen. Slanting? Cascading? I have some ideas but I also see flaws with each path...
  16. Maloghurst

    Kotobuki JBP

    I posted this tree before I bought it a year ago and thought I would show it’s progress. I welcome criticism. I will say that I realize the wiring is sloppy, this being one of the first times I’ve done it. There is also almost a “bar branch” on the lowest branches but I don’t have much choice as...
  17. Maloghurst

    Vision quest

    This is a multi trunk boxwood I collected this spring. Most of what you see is new growth. I won't do anything else to it this year. Next year I will do some pruning of branches that I know will not be needed but not much. I'll just let it recover and establish itself in this pot. Meanwhile I...
  18. Maloghurst

    Triumph Elm

    I just have a question about developing deciduous trees. This tree is at the absolute beginning. It will eventually be chopped much lower and maybe air layer the top. On prolific backbudding trees like this should I (as a general rule) immediately get rid of all but one branch in these groups...
  19. Maloghurst

    Pyracantha material

    Just happened upon this huge pyracantha yesterday. Not the best time for collecting but it was going to be composted if not for me. I hope it survives the summer! Lots of potential in this one. It was very sandy sooil so I kept a some of the sandy stuff and mixed it with my diatomaceous earth...
  20. Maloghurst

    Dawn redwood

    Hello, I received this tree from a nursery as a trade. They removed a palm tree for me and I got this tree. I thought it was a larch and they confirmed that it was. I just got it home and realized it's probably a dawn redwood. Is this correct? My plan is to airlayer the top and to take cuttings...
  21. Maloghurst

    Pacific Northwest bonsai museum

    I made a really quick stop at the PNW bonsai museum last week and snapped a few pics. Thought I would share them! I exactly ten minutes to see the exhibit so I might be wrong on some Tree names. Hornbeam? Not sure on this one. Japanese maple Japanese Yew Name this one? Flowering of some...
  22. Maloghurst

    Please identify!

    Hello, please help with identifying this tree. It looks usable for bonsai. The leaves are all different sizes so I believe they could be reduced. Thank you, Mike
  23. Maloghurst

    Is this JBP worth the investment?

    Hello all, saw this Small needle cultivar of JBP for 50% off, $45.00. Trunk looks pretty good with aged bark and taper etc. not sure about this cultivar though (back budding etc) looks pretty good to me but didn't want to waste my time, money and effort if the experts don't see the potential...
  24. Maloghurst

    Austrian black pine pre bonsai

    Hello, I just bought a $6.00 Austrian black pine so I was curious about the how to treat pre bonsai? I understand deciduous process but not as much about coniferous. I understand to thicken the trunk i need to let it grow but I don't the want whorls that are common in this breed to create...
  25. Maloghurst

    Identify this pine?

    hello can anyone identify this pine and tell me if its useable for bonsai? I pass this little tree everyday near my home. I always look at it and wonder if it could be use for bonsai. The branches are long and not ramified much. Branches seem to grow in radial pattern where they grow and the...
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