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  1. MichaelS

    Cork bark elm one year on

    Each year I more year... The plan was always to have a wide flattish top and short low branches (as per below) - that's why it's a bit ''top heavy''
  2. MichaelS

    A really bad picture of a trident in colour.

    The colour this year's not so good because I brought it back into the sun too late. Let that be a lesson.
  3. MichaelS

    Golden Elm. Autumn 2020

  4. MichaelS

    Some small pines.

    Japanese red pine. Thinned plucked and re-worked. Black pine / Red pine hybrid? Just adjusting the main lines at this point. Before... After.... Scots pine ''Hillside creeper'' Second wiring... Scots
  5. MichaelS

    Another scotts pine

    This one is a normal scotts with a semi-dwarf variety grafted onto the branches - hence the short needles. This makes the branches coarser than normal but I'm hoping that I can reduce that with conscientious bud thinning, needle pulling infrequent water and mild starvation. Yes the pot is too...
  6. MichaelS

    Scotts pine

    After needle pulling and a bit of arranging. I'm pretty happy with the way it's headed so far.
  7. MichaelS

    Japanese Red Pine (not a bonsai)

    I've had this tree since just after it was grafted over 30 years ago. It is about 6 feet high. Pinus densiflora pendula. It has never been wired only pinched and pruned and the odd branch tied down with string. It's starting to display the character that red pines are so famous for - bark! Hope...
  8. MichaelS


    Well I saw it last night. It gives my great hope for the future of American cinema. A flawless masterpiece. The best movie I have seen for many years.
  9. MichaelS

    Trident group

    This was made by putting together some older trees from one neglected group and adding some newer trees. Progress is slow.
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  11. MichaelS

    Kamagata J Maple

  12. MichaelS

    Japanese maple

    It was not much more than a stump about 4 years ago. No low branches so it will end up twice as tall as it is now I reckon.
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  14. MichaelS

    Chionanthus retusus

  15. MichaelS

    Cork elm

  16. MichaelS


  17. MichaelS

    Small winter holly (Ilex serrata)

    It's only about 6 years from cutting and just came out of a cage to keep the birds away. They were so eager to get at it that when I placed it on a shelf and turned my back for about 2 minutes I turned around to find a blackbird sitting on top of it.
  18. MichaelS

    Success with potting mix exp.

    This spring I experimented with a potting mix idea which was rolling around in my head. I wanted a reliable long lasting mix for azaleas mainly but also tried it with gardenia and dwarf kumquat. It obviously had to be acidic. Kanuma is out of the question. I used washed and screened scoria (red...
  19. MichaelS

    Scots pine in the ''sitting on the side of a mountain and growing in the natural pine tree'' style.

    I've posted this before but here it is with the new season's flush of needles. Now, every effort will be towards fining out the branchlets by lots of needle removal etc. I don't anticipate too much wiring from here although some will probably be necessary. As you can see, the practice of...
  20. MichaelS

    The best bonsai soil mix in the world ever.

    My ''Nervana'' mix consists of... 1 part sand 1 part bark nuggets 1 part shredded bark 1 part soft akadama 1 part hard akadama 1 part medium akadama 1 part kanuma 1 part Chinese hill soil 1 part Chinese mountain soil 1 part shreaded sphagnum moss 1 part shreaded sheet moss 1 part volcanic sand...
  21. MichaelS

    Black pine work

    A ground grown Black. This is the way I do pines. Others do them differently. A friend of mine likes to take long whips and bend the crap out of them then fatten them up. I prefer this way. Pretty simple really. Prune a couple of times for a direction change, then dig it up and graft branches...
  22. MichaelS

    3 years after Red Pine approach graft

    This tree had a very straight trunk section with no lower branches. It was seed grown. 3 years ago I decided to approach graft a branch onto the trunk to hopefully become the future extension of the trunk line. The time has now come to take it further. This is a view of the whole tree.. A...
  23. MichaelS

    Layered Nishiki Black pine

    It's about 12 to 14 years from layering. Much slower than the grafted version but worth the trouble I think. About 12 inches high and hardly any wiring done so far.
  24. MichaelS

    Any Auto Heads out there?

    What are the best jumper cables/leads you can get? (without making your own) I'm sick to death of cheap Chinese crap that lets you down when you need them most. I want something that can kick start a jumbo jet!! At least 1000 amp and not Chinese made would be good. Are there any good US or UK...
  25. MichaelS

    ''Sekka'' dwarf hinoki

    I just obtained a small plant of this cultivar to propagate. It had quite a lot of die-back in the foliage. I was told by a regular Japanese visitor that this is quite normal. Anyone have experience with this plant?
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