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  1. james

    Trident development, trunk & nebari (Ebihara)

    Spring work on a small trident, grown in a box. Review of trunk line leads to chop, to address reverse taper midway up tree. Repot, roots combed out, cut back for taper and elimination of crossing roots. All down going roots eliminated. Goal is to have even, radial roots emerging from same level...
  2. james

    Juniper restyling

    San Jose Juniper, styled as an informal upright for 25 years. Challenging foliage, which is often juvenile, coarse and unattractive. Have to leave it alone, get light into tree and foliage may become mature. Finally got mature foliage, however foliage overwhelmed scale of tree. Restyling...
  3. james

    Avitar problem

    I recently updated avitar/picture. Picture came up well, however, name, demographics, etc are now blank. How to fix? I imagine it is somewhere in account settings, but can't figure it out.
  4. james

    Juniper & spider mites

    For those of you who have juniper, any suggestions for early season prevention of spider mites? I’m familiar with what they do to foliage, how to test for them and how to treat after they arrive. Had good luck with Neem. Does anyone treat preventively? What do you use? Does systemic...
  5. james

    JBP progression

    Posted a single image of this tree earlier. Thought it may be of more interest to see the changes over the styling process? Starting tree Initial styling, with repot at new angle Rest for a grapefruit martini, think about finishing tree Final image, tree lightened up, finishing wire...
  6. james

    JBP styling

    JBP wired, repotted and cleaned up. Somewhere in the range of 45 yrs old, 24” tall. Cheap Chinese soft drum (some people like to know about the pot). I don’t have that many nice ones.
  7. james

    Juniper restyling

    This is where I started. Shimpaku 20 yrs old Find a new front and angle Chop off a few branches Start wiring Finished for now. Repot next. Considering taking off lowest right branch, which is in back. Or reduce it, and move it further to the back.
  8. james

    Juniper restyle

    One of my first trees. Procumbins nana, purchased 25 yrs ago as a starter. Grew it like a Christmas tree while I learned more about bonsai. 15 yrs ago cut off all branches less the lowest right and made a semi-cascade. Picture below earlier this month. Tilted up, better orientation of trunk...
  9. james

    Root/Crown Gall

    Has anyone experience with treating root/crown gall? I have a bad case of it involving a mature crab apple. Repot 15 months ago, to find hundreds of root galls. Cut as many out as possible and potted into Boon mix. Tree is starting to leaf out for spring (second spring since repot). Appears...
  10. james

    Chuhin JBP, progression

    I posted this Chuhin JBP 2 year’s ago, and again last week. Reviewing the progression prompted me to believe posting images across this time period would be of interest. The first image at time of purchase, 11/2014. The last image, last week, 2/2018.
  11. james

    Kifu JBP

  12. james

    Building an Arakawa

    This is a 18" tall 25+ yr old Arakawa Japanese maple I have gotten a bit more serious about developing. This is basic work over time. First, get tree strong, in good soil. I chose a wooden box, to promote growth. Tend to nebari, easier to fix early, and with maple want radial flat roots to...
  13. james

    Chuhin JBP

    Before styling, after styling, pictured with intended final pot
  14. james

    Winter Hardening?

    All, I live in zone 4b. I keep my bonsai in a heated poly tunnel during the winter, and the trees have done quite well, min temps kept in the 40s. About this time, I put the trees down for the winter in the poly tunnel, yet I find that the deciduous trees have not all dropped their...
  15. james

    Two Air layers at once?

    I am planning to air layer a beech this winter/early spring. I have seen examples of multiple layers performed on trees, particularly japanese maple at the same time, usually nursery stock on several branches simultaneously. Question to all, can more than one layer be done on the trunk...
  16. james

    Larch Progression, 5 years

    Nursery Larch, 3" trunk, 6" nebari, 14" drum mica pot As received, Winter 2006 Initial styling, Spring 2007. Repot to 16" drum mica pot Later Spring 2007 Late Summer 2007, setting branches, building crown, growing lower branches. Workshop with Suthin, deadwood treatment...
  17. james

    Trident Progression, 5 years

    Import Trident, 34" tall, 4" trunk, 9" nebari, 18" drum mica pot As received, 2006 Winter, 2008, initial styling, 2008 Winter, 2008, apex reduced now 30" tall, repot 18" softened rectangle, off white Spring, 2008 Autumn, 2008 Summer, 2011, defoliated. Working on...
  18. james

    Red Pine Progession, 11 years

    Here is a Red pine progression, getting close to completion. Critique welcome. Sorry if images are big, haven't figured out yet how to easily make smaller. 2004, $5 nursery tree, initial styling 5 years earlier 2005, second styling 2007, new pot, jin lowest branch, refinement...
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