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    Japanese Boxwood Forest Re-design

    Maybe eventually do away with the pot and just use the slab
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    Please help, my tree is dying!

    Mites are very tough customers, it’s tough to get ahead because eggs continue to hatch after eradicating the adults,if it were mine I’d start with a hose and blast off all the webbing and hopefully adults, then fill a tub of water and completely submerge the tree in the tub, make sure it’s deep...
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    Itoigawa juniper Stock

    Amazing work Brian!
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    Stillwater bonsai

    Just purchased some kishu and was very impressed with how well the material was packed in the box, they shipped my order promptly and the trees were everything I was looking for, I was amazed at the root system on my junipers, top notch! Would not hesitate to buy again.
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    Budget Field grown Kishu Juniper quarts and gallons

    Recieved my trees today! They look fantastic, thanks Stillwater!!!!
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    Budget Field grown Kishu Juniper quarts and gallons

    Looking forward to my order! Thanks Bruce
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    Shishigashira Maple and Frost Impact

    I have had one in the ground for atleast five years with no winter issues
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    Hawthorn cuttings

    The best way is to take root cuttings when you repot,hawthorns usually have thick roots that like to grow straight down,they will take easily.
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    I made it!

    Congrats on your retirement,thats some really nice carpentry work you have there.
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    Fat Japanese Maple, where to chop?

    Wow,we’re did you find that beast?take your time n make sure your making good decisions before cutting.
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    Making a Rock Slab for my Serissa

    Is the tree positioned with muck or bonsai soil??
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    Stolen Bonsai in Sacramento!

    I really hope these scum bags get caught,hopefully the trees don’t die.
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    Old landscape juniper, procumbens nana

    Nice material catfish,have not seen you around these parts in awhile,good find!
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    perlite with deciduous trees

    No issues with perlite whatsoever
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    Looking for Soil Components In NC

    It’s not easy to get bulk pumice n lava on the east coast
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    American Beech Progression

    Never seen one naturally growing like that??
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    Japanese Flowering Quince cuttings in training.

    You have a amazing quince collection,I have only seen red n white chojubi for sale
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    Went to Longwood Gardens

    I live on the Maryland,PA line,have always wanted to make the pilgrimage there,I heard they had bonsai,apparently very nice bonsai!
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    Source for Japanese Beech Seed or Seedlings? Fagus Crenata

    Sometimes Bill V. Sells bare root crenata
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    winter tree presentation 2019

    Wow,some really nice trees mixed in there,thanks for sharing.
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    STYLING ADVICE: New JBP 3 year kyokko graft

    Put it in the ground n let it grow for a few years,you have a very young tree.
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    Dale Cochoy

    Sorry yo hear?
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    Pine bark maple

    Words of wisdom from Bill
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    Shohin Clump Japanese Maple

    Looking good Brian!
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    Hawthorn cutting

    I’ve had success if with root cuttings but never stem cuttings,I would not get my hopes up just yet
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