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    Stillwater bonsai

    Just purchased some kishu and was very impressed with how well the material was packed in the box, they shipped my order promptly and the trees were everything I was looking for, I was amazed at the root system on my junipers, top notch! Would not hesitate to buy again.
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    Ph meter

    Do these meters work in lava,pumice,turface etc??
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    JBP understock needed

    I have some white pine cultivar I want to try my hand at grafting,does anyone have 6-12 jap black pine whips with decent roots they would be willing to sell?
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    Not Good!!

    all my trees are swelling n leaving out, only it's a 6 weeks to soon,temps have been in the 70's last few days and in the 50's and 60's the previous few weeks,I started repotting today,I guess I'll be carting my trees in the shed if the temps dip which they probably will,Maryland weather sucks!
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    Beneficial nematodes

    Anyone use these during spring and summer ? Have they worked for you or just a waste of money? I've thought of trying this in the past but I'm still unsure,I have a lot of roses that really seem to attract mites,thanks
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    Oak leaf identification?

    Just stumbled across this oak about twenty so feet tall 8-10" base with movement n taper,the leaves are the smallest I've seen in my area for oak,looks like it's possibly been dwarfed somewhat,somehow,any idea what type of oak??i live on the east coast,north east Maryland,thanks
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    English hawthorn ground layer

    i have a English hawthorn that I did root work on one spring only to find large roots that circled the trunk fused,above that,the tree is nice,I've thought about ground layering but I've never tried on this species and I'd hate to kill the tree,does anyone have experience with this species or...
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    Seigen zone 7

    Anyone grow one successfully in the ground in zone 7? Covering in spring if they open up to soon.I want to bulk this tree up in the ground if possible,just want to make sure it can be done.Thanks.
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    Kashima layers

    Just removed these,will be keeping them in the shade n misting for awhile.
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    pre bonsai Mark

    I recently purchased nice larch material and some boxwoods from Mark Comstock,the trees were packed n wired securely in a double box,no damage,excellent health,very happy with my purchase and recommend him to others.
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    arakawa slit pot grow results

    Here is my ground grown rough bark maple,put in slit pot with half inch trunk,this is a pic from today after four or five seasons,can't remember which,not sure if I should go with the twin trunk or not.what do you think?sorry about the bad photos.
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    spring work has started

    Grown from cutting,roots cut,pruned put back in ground for awhile longer.A few more left need the same treatment,its a good feeling to grow out something that was pencil size.
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    twin trunk zelcova

    Cutting back branches,what do you think about that primary branch?should i cut back further? Thanks.
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    Looking for a vendor thats located in the northeast who had good deals on kingsville boxwoods and other young stock,cant remember his website,any help is appreciated.
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    rotten,ugly palmatum stump

    This is a jap maple stump I got this year,i believe its momji,the trunk is over 3" above the 5" base and is currently ten" tall,the trunk was originally about six inches taller but was rotten and spongy,i carved all that out along with cutting a little more down the side to allow the water to...
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    moss question

    I'm looking for some diffrent types of moss in my woods, years ago I was told not to use the moss that grows around tree trunks, but rather the stuff that grows across the lawn or path, is there any truth to this? It seems the short haired moss always grow around trunks.thanks
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    mume ?

    I've always been told about mume being very susceptable to spring freezes and fungus attacks later in spring from the cracks in branching due to freezing in early spring, anyway I visited a nursery in my zone and found they had probalbly a hundred seedling mume in the ground, they were six foot...
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    field grown paviflora

    here is a elm I recently acquired,trying to decide on a front and new leader,what do you guys n gals think?
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    tiny landscape plant help

    Need some smale scale plants for mini landscape, need something that can take a little sun without burning up, minimal soil, zone 7.anyone have experience, suggestions on which varieties work best, thanks guys n gals.
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    trident direction?

    Here is a field grown trident over 48" tall when dug, currently 16", been in a training pot for two yrs.I'm having issues with the crown, not sure if I should chop the crown off and start needs a good pruning which it will get in spring, I kinda left it alone last summer to regain vigor...
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    It snowed last week and today it is literally 70 degrees..this can't be good for dormant trees.
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    future for this jap red maple?

    This is one of the jap. Red maples growing in my yard for future use, it has good nebari and scar free trunk, if this was yours, how would you style, chop the tree? I think ill let it go another season without cutting roots, I've noticed the red palmatums slow down to a snails pace when you chop...
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    juniper identification

    These junipers are growing near my house, there are probalbly a dozen or so in a hedge, they are extremely old with massive 5" plus multiple trunks, they stand about 3' high, they look like chinese juni, what do you think?they have lots of natural deadwood, and look like they get sheared in the...
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    english hawthorn /snowed in

    This is a english hawthorn I aquired a few yrs. Ago, it was originally much taller with inverse taper an a couple of nasty scars, I decided to trunk chop to create taper n get rid of the bad flaws, this past spring I cut some of the root ball then let it grow, it started pushing branches, I plan...
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    old kiyohime help

    What should I do with my tree, should I cut back hard and start fresh, or continue to try to get more backbudding, I'm also planning on working the nebari some in spring.My concern is dieback if I cut hard, thanks
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