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    Odd Twisted Sugar Maple, Collected from Wild and Chopped

    So I found this growing along a steep slope along the river that goes through our property. Its got a very weird twisted curved trunk that's got some good girth. It had two branches that were a good 15-25 Ft tall and growing sideways out of the hill. I collected it and am going to plant it in...
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    New to bonsai but not to trees

    A couple trees I started.
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    First Juniper Bonsai attempt. Copper Delight?

    Got this guy from the garden store and attempted to make a bonsai. It was called a Copper Delight juniper?
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    Sugar maple collected and chopped

    [/IMG] I have a wild area that is overgrown with sugar maples. I was cleaning them out and collected some to hopefully be future bonsai. I cut them off with about 3 ft. Is this too much? Think they will be ok for bonsai someday? Will the trunks thicken at all or should I try and get trees with...
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