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  1. thams

    Yaupon Hollies - free in Roswell, GA area

    Hey everyone - I have a great opportunity for some people in the local Roswell, GA area to get some really nice old yaupon hollies. A neighbor is removing them from his yard and he has about 50 to dig - all around 25 years old with a minimum of 3-4" nebaris. Many are much larger than that. I...
  2. thams

    Wintercreeper (Euonymus fortunei) Experiment

    I picked up this little guy this past summer for $8 at a local plant nursery. I was (and still am) unsure if it will make a suitable bonsai, but I figured what the hell. It was hacked back when right when I purchased it. I just gave it a little trim. I left a lot of shoots intentionally for...
  3. thams

    SIlverberry Root Cutting

    Has anyone had any luck with silverberry root cuttings? Any tips or tricks, dos or don'ts? I've had success with narrow-leaf ficus root cuttings, and I'm wondering if I can treat silverberry root cuttings in the same way.
  4. thams

    Large Quality Chinese Pots - ATL Area

    Hi all, I have 4 nice quality contemporary Chinese pots I'm offloading in the Atlanta area. They range from about 21.5" to around 28.5" across, so they're a little large for me to easily ship. The two darker clay pots are a little higher quality since they're Yixing Zisha. I'm asking $275 for...
  5. thams

    Refocusing as a Hobbyist

    So, I've been done the bonsai rabbit hole for a about 5 years now and I'm proud of the modest gains I've made in the hobby. I have a decent pottery collection and have picked up some solid foundation knowledge about bonsai basics - watering, soil, ferts, etc. BUT, I feel like I'm stalling a...
  6. thams

    Silverberries Stumps!

    I went the other day to collect some groundcover from a neighbor for our landscaping and spotted some stumps she planned to have ripped out. It turns out they're silverberries that have been growing for nearly 30 years. She wants them gone now, so I'm being forced to dig them up at a less than...
  7. thams

    Dieback on collected Yaupon holly

    Ugh, over the past couple of weeks I've been having some mysterious dieback on my collected Yaupon holly. It was collected in late winter and is planted in garden soil. It's been growing strongly up until this point. I've had 3 branches die and additional twigs are starting to show the same...
  8. thams

    Yaupon Holly Finds

    Since moving back to GA, I've had the chance to collect for than a few yaupon hollies. There are three I'm particularly excited about - each have bases around 12" wide. I realize it'll be years before they really develop into anything worth while, but the prospects are exciting. They each...
  9. thams

    Selling Pottery

    Hi everyone, I'm putting up some pots for sale to help fund some, well, other pot purchases. Let me know if anything strikes your fancy. I'll be adding more as the day goes on. Also, if you're interested in a pot I'm available to meet in the Atlanta area and I'll be in Charlotte in a couple...
  10. thams

    Pot Value Question

    I have an opportunity to purchase two larger Jim Barrett unglazed pots, but I'm a little unsure of their values. I admit that I'm out of my depth with larger pots - I've only ever purchased smaller to medium pots. Both pots are unglazed rectangles (no chips or cracks): the first is a little...
  11. thams

    Pottery Sales Website Idea

    Hi all, I've been giving a lot of thought to potentially putting together a website to showcase and sell American bonsai pottery to the community. Maybe it sounds silly, but I've thought about doing this not as a business venture for me, but more to have a central location for artists to post...
  12. thams

    Big Ol' Boxwood

    So yesterday I spent about 4 hours wrestling with a boxwood in my neighbor's yard. They are re-landscaping and told me that if I wanted the boxwood, then I had to take it right then. Not ideal, I know. It's a little early in the season to collect, and I didn't have the appropriate soil on...
  13. thams

    First Foray Into Junipers

    I paid a visit to Plant City Bonsai today in Claremont, GA to scope out some material. After sorting through the "sea of junipers" for about an hour, I selected two shimpaku junipers to take home. These are my first junipers ever, so I'm excited about the prospect of tinkering with them. I...
  14. thams

    Boxwood Collection and ID Help

    A house down the street is undergoing a complete gut with a landscape makeover. There are some massive 12" based stumps that they plan to rip up. I'm trying to get an ID on them. Am I on base thinking these are boxwoods? Not an ideal time to collect them, but if even one of the six or so...
  15. thams

    WTB Roy Minarai Pots

    Hi All, I'm looking to further expand my Roy Minarai pottery collection. Hit me up with any you're looking to sell - thanks!
  16. thams

    Potomac Bonsai Association World Bonsai Day Festival, June 8-10, 2018

    Anyone heard anything? The typical dates are approaching soonish and I haven't heard anything about it this year. Pauline Muth, who is planning to vend there, hasn't heard anything either. Am I just jumping the gun?
  17. thams

    Jade Scale Removal w/ Alcohol

    Hi All - I have dreaded scale all over my poor cork bark jade. I plan to attack it with some alcohol today, but I'm wondering if anyone knows how sensitive the leaves are to alcohol burn. I would like to drench the leaves and stems with alcohol using cotton balls, but I don't want to lose all...
  18. thams

    American Painted Pot Motifs

    I've been doing a fair amount of research about painted bonsai pots recently. The Japanese have some similar reoccurring themes in their painted works - there's some really beautiful landscapes and fantastic depictions of dragons. My ultimate goal is to produce painted pots in a similar style...
  19. thams

    First Hand-Carved Pot

    Shout out to @sorce for inspiring me to finally get into making pottery. This is my first no-pinch pot I've made. It's only about 2.5" across and was carved from a solid block of clay. It's still greenware at this point, but will be wood fired to cone 12 next month at some point. I'm hoping...
  20. thams

    Pine ID - Northern GA

    Hi folks, I'm wondering if someone can help me identify a little pine I found on my in-laws' property. The needles look nice and short and the branching seems nice for a little compact pine. I'm totally out of my depth with conifers so I'm wondering if someone can help out with an ID. I've...
  21. thams

    To Patina or Not Patina...

    So I've been on a bender collecting pottery recently. Many of them I would consider collector's pots...BUT! I firmly believe that pots are made to be used. Some may be more difficult to use than others, but I think there's a tree out there for every pot (call me a romantic...). There are 3...
  22. thams

    Special Jim Barrett Pot

    So I've been plugging along documenting and researching the National Bonsai and Penjing Museum pottery collection and stumbled across a cool pot (well, two actually) with a neat story. Apparently when the Chinese pavilion was being constructed some of the clay was collected and sent to Jim...
  23. thams

    Local Bonsai Club Contacts for Pottery

    Hi All, I'm moving into the next phase of building my website to include reaching out to ALL local bonsai club chapters in the US to scoop up any hobby potters that may not have an online presence. I'm going through the American Bonsai Society website to identify points of contact to reach...
  24. thams

    Various Pots for Sale (Hagedorn, Koyo, Lenz)

    Hi all, I'm letting go three pots that I purchased fairly recently to make way for a large purchase. I have a Koyo that I recently posted, a small accent Hagedorn, and an early pre-signature Nick Lenz. I'm hoping the sale of these will offset some of the cost of a new pot. The first is the...
  25. thams

    Roy Minarai Pots

    If you've gotten 'em and are looking to sell then give me a shout.
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