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    keep misting juniper?

    Hi Paul, How many times a day do you mist your collected juniper? Do you do light mist or heavy mist? Thanks Paul.
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    Deciduous Azalea Techniques

    Hi Leo, Do you add Cal-Mag to rain water? Thanks
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    Extended season starting trees indoors

    Cmeg1, You're saying Botanicare Karma is not as good as Raw Kelp when you use it for foliar spray or root drench? I just start using fulvex and karma but thinking about switching them to Raw Humic Acid and Kelp. Do you see the differences between Botanicare Fulvex, Karma and Raw HA, Kelp...
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    Extended season starting trees indoors

    I used to have RO but it was wasting a lot of water. I now use peatmoss to bring down the ppm. If Raw Omina can help to claw calcium ions in water which will prevent lime scale to form and I don't have to use peat moss which is a mess :).
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    Extended season starting trees indoors

    I use Botanicare hydro nutrients along with other sources for tech grade amino acids and stuff. Hi Cmeg1, I know using amino acids to boost calcium uptake because of L-Glycine L-Glutamic. What's the purpose of using Raw Omina? My hard water is about 500ppm and how effective is Omina...
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    Kelp/other bio stimulants

    Do you add yucca to fulvex/karma for root drench? Thanks
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    Kelp/other bio stimulants

    Hi Cmeg1, Excellent info about fulvic acid and kelp. I have a few junipers and blackpines but they not growing well. Are you still using Fulvex and Karma for root drench? What is the rate per gallon of water for root drench and how often? I like the idea of foliar feed once a week. Oh...
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    Couple questions on single flush pine.

    Hi Brian, What fertilizer do you use to feed trees in the fall? Thanks Brian
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    Semi cascade kishu

    Hi Scott, Are you using Bifen I/T Insecticide-Bifenthrin for spider mite problem? Is it 1oz/gallon of water? Thanks Scott
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    Juniper Fungus

    What do you guys think about this fungus? It’s not tip blight. The tip of the foliage is still green, not dark green but very soft. The end of the branch turned brown and died. I think 80% of the tree is dead even though i treated it with copper fungicide twice, mancozeb once and hydrogen...
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    Dormant Season Spraying Part 1: Broadleaf Deciduous Trees

    Thanks for your info Scott. Do you think applying Bonide Infuse granules one in December and one in June is going to help Junipers through out the year? Thanks.
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    Old needles dying on scots pine - how did I screw up?

    Hi Adair, Do you use Bonide Infuse Granular twice a year for junipers like JBP? Thanks.
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    Dormant Season Spraying Part 1: Broadleaf Deciduous Trees

    Hi Scott, How often do you spray with Cleary 3336f? I think I'm having Cercospora fungus with my california juniper. Do you think Cleary 3336f can treat Cercospora fungus? Thanks so lot for your useful info.
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    Juniper issue

    Hi coachspinks, What do you use to treat Cercospora Twig blight? Thanks
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    So many fertilizer questions, so little time.

    Do you use Hastagrow when you transplant to help transplant shock? Thanks Scott
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    So many fertilizer questions, so little time.

    In my case, fish fertilizer attracts racoons (3 or 4 every night), cats and skunks.
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    So many fertilizer questions, so little time.

    Hi Scott, Do you use Medina Humic Acid? It's the same company that makes Hastagrow.
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    Ebihara maples

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    GroBetter Fertilizer

    Hi Bonhe, Do you have tree fungus problem with Jong's chicken manure like Si Nguyen had? Thanks
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    Wakaebisu Satsuki azalea in bloom

    Hi Chuah, Do you mix 3 Tbsp of Maxicrop and 3 Tbsp of Medina per gallon of water and apply every week? Thanks
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    GroBetter Fertilizer

    Thanks so lot for your helpful info Thu Thoai.
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    GroBetter Fertilizer

    Do you use Down to Earch Granular Humic Acids or something else? Thanks
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    GroBetter Fertilizer

    I use Woodace and Miracid this year but not much improvement. I haven't tried to combine Woodace and Growbetter chicken manure. Seem like you use alot of Woodace for your trees.
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    GroBetter Fertilizer

    My tap water is the same and it's about 500 ppm. I switched to rain water for the last three years but there is no improvement for my california junipers. I use different fertilizers but it's the same. I'm curious about the fertilizer that Hank Fawcett from Southern California uses for his...
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