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    When to repot and root pruning question.

    Some of you can look at a picture of a tree and tell someone that they need to repot. I however can't do that. Is there a basic rule of thumb for repotting? Secondly, when I repotted last Spring, I trimmed the hardened, (is lignated the correct term?), roots above the soil line which defined...
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    Wintering a Rock Juniper

    My Rock Juniper thrived this spring and summer. (Better than I could have imagined!) Last year I kept it in over the winter in a Southern window and it did just fine, but I learned it's best to keep them outside,,, from this forum. My question now is, if I'm supposed to mulch it in during the...
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    Extreme weather and Rock Juniper.

    I need some advice on weathering a Japanese Rock Juniper over the winter. I live in Indiana where the weather can be extreme in any season, to include below zero temps and the occasional ice storm. The question is simple really: Are there any precautions I can, or should take to cover the tree...
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    Use of Moss as ground cover?????

    I know from reading that peat moss is commonly used as a ground cover, but I'm curious to know if anyone has ever used regular, living ground moss as a decorative cover. If it has been used, I'm also curious to know about water retention in the soil since this medium is known to flourish in...
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    Now that I've read a bunch of literature,,,,,

    Thanks to everyone who recommended reading for me. It really helped but now I want some advice on my Juniper's roots. I have finally reacclimated it to the outdoors, (thanks for that advice too), and it's growing and I've had to trim it a bit already, starting the fertilizer for the growing...
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    Respect the Bonsai

    Need some help please on Bonsai literature. Cruising through all the threads is great but I need a baseline knowledge so can someone recommend a Bonsai starter book for Dummies? I got a Juniper as a gift because my friends know how much I love Bonsais. Did a bit of research to make sure I...
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