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    my very first attempt, please help!

    First picture shows example of what I started with, second picture is where it is now. Go easy on me, this is literally my first attempt at anything bonsai! My elm and juniper are going to sit until spring but I thought this would be a nice learning experience! Did I destroy this tree already...
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    School me on mixing my own

    Ive been researching soil for what seems like an eternity... I have decided that i would like to mix my own from here on out. I ordered this to get my recent tree into a pot and out of the sludge its currently in. My main...
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    show us your T5/T8 indoor light setup!

    I'm a big DIYer and am thinking about converting my 4 bulb t5ho and also my 6 bulb t5ho into a desk style bonsai light. All I seem to come across online are cheese ball ideas guys are using to grow pot haha. I do not have the luxury of hanging it from my ceiling (wife says no way) so I'm...
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    introduction and a few questions on Indoor

    First things first my name is Randall, I live in Oregon, I'm totally new to the art on bonsai but I'm well involved with hobbies that take time and patience. I've had reef tanks for about 10 years. My first question, does anyone have any first hand experience with a light like this that will...
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