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  1. cchpg29

    Sharpes pygmy maple

    I am interested to hear why Colander pots for maples are not a good option?
  2. cchpg29

    Soil sifter

    It's a recriprocrating attachment for a drill. Bought on ebay
  3. cchpg29

    Soil sifter Link to video
  4. cchpg29

    Soil sifter

    After 5 gallons I spent the weekend making this. I sifts thru 5 gallons in 10 minutes. I could not upload the video it was too big. That is a screenshot
  5. cchpg29

    Soil sifter

    Home made soil sifter. After doing it by hand once I made this. Fines are collected in a bucket at the bottom.
  6. cchpg29

    Hollow Creek Bonsai

    wait until September and drive another 20 minutes to visit International Bonsai
  7. cchpg29

    Sourcing Substrate?

    How do you crush the Lava Rock. Is it worth the time.
  8. cchpg29

    Chinese Elm possibilities

    They will not go lower than $150 on it.
  9. cchpg29

    Chinese Elm possibilities

    I found this at a Nursery and grabbed a photo. Thinking about getting it. What do you think. Picture is not that great. Looks to be an older elm with a 3 inch nebari.
  10. cchpg29

    US National Bonsai Exhibition, Sept 8-9, 2018

    Great Show Mr. Valavanis. Now I have to sign up for your beginner class.
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