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  1. fabian531

    New Juniper Procumbens Nana

    Hello everyone. Recently for Christmas my best friend surprised me by presenting me my lovely Procumbens Nana and I really love it. I am very minorly aquainted with the Art of Bonsai as back in March of 2015 I had become very interested in the topic but alas my follow through failed me as I just...
  2. fabian531

    New to Bonsai-Juniper Procumbens Nana

    Disregard this post as it was posted on accident
  3. fabian531

    Getting Fundamentals Before I Begin Spending.

    Hello all. I am excited to be joining a bonsai forum. More excited even that it is a active forum that provides great material to progress. At least that is my current assumption from reading other beginner threads. I have decided to join today because of a couple reasons. I am very much in love...
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