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  1. CubanBonsai

    Burned Leaf Tips

    One of my Japanese Maples have small burned leaf tips. They are pre-bonsai trees, and I keep them in a clay pot on a balcony facing east. Here in northeast Ohio it rains at least once a week, temperatures in the day can go up to the 90s and at night it may drop to 65. (USDA Hardiness Zone 5a)...
  2. CubanBonsai

    Ficus ID and Styling

    I have had this Ficus bonsai for nearly a year. I was told it was about 4 years old, but the seller could not tell me if it was a Ficus retusa or microcarpa. Any ideas? Also, I would like to know what style should I use now that it is an older tree?
  3. CubanBonsai

    Japanese Red Maple Pre-bonsai Winterization.

    Hi, I recently acquired 2 Japanese Red Maple (JRM) seedlings and I am thinking ahead regarding winter. They are now 4 inches in average, and I live in north east Ohio (USDA Zone 5a). I also live in a small apartment and so I only have a small balcony at my disposal. I thought about acquiring...
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