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  1. erb.75

    fertilization with kelp

    I'm switching to organics, and I am going to follow @Brian Van Fleet 's recipe to the T. Since you add liquid seaweed to your cakes, do you think it would be OK to give them a weekly dose of kelp ( when I water? Also, do you think...
  2. erb.75

    How have you or your trees progressed this year? What have you learned?

    I sometimes hear people say that they or someone else has never moved past their first year of bonsai. So, a person that has been doing bonsai for 20 years has the same quality of trees and the same knowledge as when they first started. Rather than focus on this, how have you or your trees...
  3. erb.75

    Thanks to all Bnut members!

    Dear Bnut community, Thanks for everything on this site. All the pictures of trees, both good and bad, help to provide easy access to bonsai for many people (including me). Thanks to everyone who posts useful comments and suggestions on here. I'd call out people specifically, but there are so...
  4. erb.75

    Dayton Bonsai Show This weekend!

    Come out and see the show! We will have a local bonsai nursery owner come out to do a forest planting demo in the morning on Saturday. Should be a good time.
  5. erb.75

    elm disease identification

    Anyone know what this is? I was going to try to use Phyton 35 on it and see if that takes care of it. It's been on several small shoots (that are now removed) and I saw this today. The elm is a chinese elm (although others have claimed it might be an american elm).
  6. erb.75

    MABA 2017

    Who's going and what are you signing up for? Or just going casually for the day to see the exhibit? I'd love to say hi to some bnutters! I'm registered for Saturday and plan on doing the crabapple workshop plus two critiques what do you think of the workshop material? are you putting a...
  7. erb.75

    collected trees 2017

    new trees...happy birthday to me! (a little early) Dug these up from a field. Zelkova, 24 years old. And red oak, 9 years old. And the biggest one is the JM that I will have to load up pictures for later. :) Anyone else do collecting this year already?
  8. erb.75

    JM maple styling

    as a general interest in styling maples.... If you have a grafted maple, and think the graft may not be low down by the roots (let's say 6 in. above the roots) would you approach styling the tree? I'm thinking long term here (10 years). Would you air layer the tree high up where...
  9. erb.75

    boxwood burlap sac

    got a deal on a huge boxwood at a local nursery....wait until spring to repot and do major root pruning and styling? or can I get away with it this Fall? any experienced boxwood ppl out there? I will probably wait but just wanted to see
  10. erb.75

    National Arboretum - History

    Fellow bnut members! I am going to be traveling to DC to visit family in August, and will be going once again to the national arboretum to see the bonsai exhibit (yay!). I have been several times, and of course, it has been wonderful each and every time. Anyone know where I can learn more of...
  11. erb.75

    elm design

    a question about deciduous design - Anyone ever tried to do a literati design with elms where the top "head" is bowed down? I have seen this a lot with conifers and was curious if it can be done....image attached Also, how do you convince elms to make a cascade when clearly they want to grow...
  12. erb.75

    Michigan All State Bonsai Show 2015

    I didn't have a chance to make it up...did anyone take pictures? Willing to post a link? I'd love to check it out!
  13. erb.75

    amur maple

    well, I knew I wanted more maples and I couldn't pass up this deal I saw online. The price was unbelievable for a good solid stump like this. After seeing that people seem to like Amur maples and the fact that they are so cold hardy, I went ahead with the purchase. Hope the Mrs. doesn't roll...
  14. erb.75

    making your bonsai club grow

    What has worked in your bonsai clubs to attract new members? What hasn't worked? If you wanted to give advice to anyone belonging to a bonsai club to increase membership (and fun), what would you suggest? Any ideas appreciated!
  15. erb.75

    bonsai 2 step - spring 2015

    I have all of my trees outside and I have repotted a lot of them recently. It has been warm out, which both the plants and myself have been enjoying. Tonight and tomorrow night it's supposed to drop to 35 degrees at night. Since my trees haven't leafed out yet, should I bring them in for...
  16. erb.75

    green moss growing on my yatsubusa elm

    I have some green moss growing up a large portion of the trunk. I have a lot of corky trunk material, so what's the best way to get it off without removing all the cork too in the process? The cork comes off pretty easily, and I'm worried if the moss stays on too long it'll rot the corky bark...
  17. erb.75

    texas scarlet quince waking up

    I have a texas scarlet quince that is starting to wake up and it has a few (the buds look like they're just beginning to break and have pushed out less than 5 leaves) leaves on it. Right now it's about 20-30 degrees F outside and in the next week the nightly lows are going to be as low as 10...
  18. erb.75

    Kiyohime Maple - care and suggestions for styling

    Recently, I aquired a nice little kiyohime maple. I repotted it back in May because it's soil wasn't a bonsai mix and there were some little white bugs crawling on it. The bugs are gone now (thank goodness!). When I got the tree, the leaves were totally green with reddish tips. Now, some of...
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