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  1. Mac In Oak Ridge

    Ponderosa Pines as Bonsai book?

    Ponderosa Pines as Bonsai, by Larry Jackel Does anyone have or know of a copy of the book? If you have or know someone that does that would part with it please PM me.
  2. Mac In Oak Ridge

    Ponderosa Pine Rocky Mountains/ SE US?

    Does anyone have personal experience, not I heard this or that, with bringing Rocky Mountain collected Ponderosa Pines into the Southern States, not the high altitude areas but into the Piedmont and rolling hills areas of the SE? Do they dwindle away over a few years and die. Do they thrive...
  3. Mac In Oak Ridge

    Princess Persimmon Blooming Male Tree?

    I have a female Princess Persimmon, photo attached. It's too late this year as blooms have come and gone. I need a blooming male tree for next spring but want to get it here soon and get it established. Does anyone have or know where I can get one that for certain is a blooming male tree?
  4. Mac In Oak Ridge

    Anyone Translate Chinese Symbols?

    Can anyone translate what is on this Chinese pot? I always wonder if what is on pottery is something like, "May everything you plant in this pot die a painful death. Curses to all round eye devils." Or something similar.
  5. Mac In Oak Ridge

    Red Pine Bud Back?

    Does Red Pine bud back if encouraged to do so?
  6. Mac In Oak Ridge

    Grafting Male Branch on Female Tree

    Two trees as examples. Winterberry and Persimmon require a male tree to pollinate the female blossoms. Could a person take a small branch from a male tree and graft to female? Then you wouldn't have to maintain the male tree in order to get flowers pollinated. Would a properly done graft...
  7. Mac In Oak Ridge

    Korean Hornbeam (s)

    How do you tell the difference between Carpinus turczaninowii and Carpinus coreana? Both are sold as Korean Hornbeam. Since all the leaves are gone is the bark between them distinctive or must I wait till next spring to find out?
  8. Mac In Oak Ridge

    Processing Copper Wire - Burning The Wire 1

    In this post I'll explain how I anneal the wire in a small wood fire in the back yard. This is where we are headed: In the photo there are four rolls of #6, #12, #14, three rolls of #16 and four rolls of #18, shown left to right. This is the finished product. Rolls put on the fire: As the...
  9. Mac In Oak Ridge

    Copper Wire Preparation

    I have heard it asked before about how to prepare copper wire for use in bonsai. I offer this tutorial of my method. I'll post it in two sections. This one of converting from wire as purchased to rolls of wire ready to anneal in a fire. The second issue in a day or two showing the annealing...
  10. Mac In Oak Ridge

    English Oak Defoliation?

    Anyone have any experience with defoliation of English Oak? Can it be done and expect leaves to come back? Can it be done to encourage back budding, if so, does it work?
  11. Mac In Oak Ridge

    Packing One Out

    Some time back there was a post here asking about a back pack arrangement for carrying larger trees over some distance. Several years ago I made a back pack for transporting yamadori over long distances. See photos attached. It is made on a military surplus back pack frame. I added a...
  12. Mac In Oak Ridge

    What's the protocol?

    If you are putting a formal display together with tree, accent plant and scroll, is a scroll that has something man made depicted a no-no. Say a mountain view with a bridge and someone crossing it? Or same with a hut or house shown? How about a tree with a bird on it or flying by it? Are...
  13. Mac In Oak Ridge

    Rescue Azalia This Time Of Year? - Part II

    Last Sunday I went out to the road widing project and rescued this Azalia from the wood chipper. Three photos attached. 1. Close up of trunk before digging. 2. Balled and burlaped in the back of my truck. 3. Replanted in my bonsai garden area. Yesterday I noted that some of the older leaves...
  14. Mac In Oak Ridge

    Rescue Azalia This Time Of Year?

    I spotted an azalia that is in the path of a major road widening project. The company doing the work is chipping most everything and using it as mulch on exposed ground and any surplus is being sold to some company that has wood fired boilers for fuel. The plant has a trunk about 4" across...
  15. Mac In Oak Ridge

    Virginia Pine and a simple to make jin tool.

    Been afraid to do much of anything with my trees because of the heat. Right now the heat index in my yard is 105.4°. This morning I had to do something. I have been thinking about making a simple tool to enhance jin on my trees. So I took 5 min. and made one. I figure that messing with dead...
  16. Mac In Oak Ridge

    Edit Posts Feature?

    When I open a thread I see down at the bottom that the option to edit posts I make is turned off. Anyone know why? I have found it handy when a misspelling or wrong word error gets by me when posting.
  17. Mac In Oak Ridge

    Don't Believe Everything You Read In the Books - Jack Pine Air Layer

    I bought this rather large Jack Pine. Variety, "Uncle Foggy". I knew I didn't need the top for what I had in mind, a Mother - Daughter design. I hated to loose all that wonderful trunk and branching so I decided to have a go at air layering a pine tree. There are those who say it can't be...
  18. Mac In Oak Ridge

    Major Bending Black Pine - Part 2

    The limit on photos makes another post necessary to complete the photo sequence. The top of the bend is now 18" above the soil surface.
  19. Mac In Oak Ridge

    Major Bending Black Pine

    I am going to make two posts of this process because of photo limitations. I couldn't stand it any longer. I know several of you here advised, in a previous post that I leave this tree alone this year and let it recover from 15 years of neglect in an abandoned nursery lot. This spring...
  20. Mac In Oak Ridge

    Spans Dwarf Shore Pine?

    I ran across one in a nursery today. Trunk about 2" in diameter at soil level, about 2' across and 2' high. Has a reasonable selection of limbs down low, forks into two main branches both about 1" in diameter one a little larger and one a little smaller. They are asking $149.95 for it...
  21. Mac In Oak Ridge

    Black Pine major limb bending?

    I recently acquired a rather unusual black pine. To bring it into what I envision for it I have to make a major bend in one section of a limb. It is about 5/8" in diameter and dead straight for about 6". I need to twist that section 180° and put some bend in it as well. I have considered...
  22. Mac In Oak Ridge

    Wilt Pruf?

    When working on pines. 1. Major limb cutting. 2. Major limb bending. 3. Re-potting 4. Grafting Would spraying Wilt Pruf on the needles lessen the stress on the tree? In grafting, if you would spray the bud and remaining few needles with Wilt Pruf prior to cutting the scion...
  23. Mac In Oak Ridge

    Anyone Recognize This Signature?

    Ryan thinks this is domestic pottery, not from China or Japan. I post two photos of the signature, don't know which side is up. It is 7" across and 3 5/8" high. Does anyone recognize who the maker may be? When?
  24. Mac In Oak Ridge

    Cdear of Lebanon Root Work?

    Got a Cedar of Lebanon that needs to have some root reduction and unwound from being in a nursery pot for years. I read about them being sensitive to root work and will drop their needles with very little provocation. I have removed about 60% of the limbs the remaining 40% is going to make a...
  25. Mac In Oak Ridge

    Some Guidance Welcome

    I just picked this pine up from a nursery in town. It is a "Blue Shag White Pine". Has a great trunk with nice taper and a whole bunch of short branches to exploit. I have put a pair of 8" limb cutters in the photos for scale and for orientation between photos. I put it where I think the...
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