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  1. Waltron

    Waltron s fall collection

    Few of my trees this fall.
  2. Waltron

    4 seasons bonsai show

    Took a few photos at the mid Michigan bonsai club show the other day. Trove of quality artwork on display.
  3. Waltron

    A few potential new collects I’m eyeing, tips on collecting aspen anyone Found a decent one.

    I saw Andy smith has been collecting aspen recently. Found a detailed experiment on transplanting aspen from a forestry department in CO. Got a few ideas and theories. Few other natives ive got staked out, Feel free to weigh in with opinions. Collected the the rest of the species...
  4. Waltron

    Wollemi pine bonsai?

    As anyone ever heard of a Wollemi pine? My friend just bought a house and he has 2 of them in his yard. Apparently they were thought to be extinct until somewhat recently. It looks very similar to a redwood, bald cypress type tree and foliage. The lady he bought the house from refers to them as...
  5. Waltron

    Gave the buckthorn a haircut

    It needs to go in a smaller round pot next year. How's yours lookin @sorce?
  6. Waltron

    is medusa clump a style? found a crab apple with about 10 little trunks.

    im not sure, but it seems like the could be a style.. maybe shorten it down to about 10" height, get rid of straight sectrions.. throw it in pot?
  7. Waltron

    Collected Spruce and Larch, my first attempt at group plantings what do you guys think?
  8. Waltron

    A few photos from the Ann arbor Bonsai society show here are a few photos from my club's show this weekend, quite a few private collection beauties were on display.
  9. Waltron

    Collected Jack Pines.

    Here are a couple Jack Pines that I collected this year in early July. They seem to be alive and well. They are in grow bags, with mostly native soil, and I added a mixture of fir bark, pumice, DE, and sphag moss on the tops and sides of the grow bags. I have been watering with rain water, and...
  10. Waltron

    Here is an american Beech I collected this spring. took it a while, but its finally starting to grow.. collected it late march,and now that's its growing it seems to be growing fast. I may have to invest in some kanuma when it comes time to repot, as Judy mentioned its the bees knees for beech. anyway, its got a little...
  11. Waltron

    Collected oak (bicolor) little black beetles are attacking and drilling into it, help!

    I collected this guy a couple weeks ago, had to saw the tap root, but its living! leaves do appear to be growing and branches lengthening. now ive seen these little holes in these trees in the wild and in the acrorns, I cant find much on them anywhere, They are tehse teeny tiny little black...
  12. Waltron

    couple collected crab apples

    hers one i collected a month or two ago.. not sure about it yet but its living and throwing buds. not really sure if i can make anything good of this one but ill try. heres one I collected last year.. took a beating from rabbits and there is some fungus issue that seems to be somewhat in...
  13. Waltron

    Hackberry with a honey kicker

    Collected these guys last night. I bet your wondering where the final photos are. It was dark and I forgot to take them. Honey suckle should have gone in a smaller pot prob. First hackberry and honey suckle so we'll see. All the buds on the hackberry were still dormant so I figure timing was...
  14. Waltron

    Giant spruce collection puck up

    Say this on my way to work this morning on the curb side.. no telling how long its been there, either Saturday or yesterday.. the roots could all be dry but I figured its worth a shot for this beast. curretly sitting in the kiddie pool in my back yard.. I'll spray it again at lunch and plant it...
  15. Waltron

    Collected elm, did some other stuff.

    Well I let this one soak in a wheel barrel of water for a couple hours while I did other shit like apprehend a Vietnam Kong trees passer, the. I potted this up in a pond basket, of course I don't have a phot of it, but I'll get one. I put in my dinky little China's elm that's been inleaf all...
  16. Waltron

    Collected native hard maple

    This maple caught my eye as it seems to have decent caliper, movement, taper, and actually a decent nabari. 98% sure it's a sugar maple. Crammed all the roots in this terracotta, got a ton of fibrous roots, we shall see. I didn't know what to do with the long branch on the bottom but eventually...
  17. Waltron

    collected elm

    This elm caught my eye in the woods, mostly due to its bark, but it has good taper and nebari (my opinion), not perfect of course.... left it a little high, but I think it could be a good shohin style. not sure which kind of elm it is, maybe someone can comment there, im thinking and hoping its...
  18. Waltron

    Collected Hawthorne

    I dug out this hawthorne the other day. washed off all the native soil, had many big roots, cut them back hard, ( my opinion). sealed the roots with a rooting gel (sealer and hormone) sealed the trunk chop with the glue style cut paste. Left it a little tall, maybe someone can give a better...
  19. Waltron

    Michigan Hornbeam

    here a 3 hornbeam i've collected this season. this big one was last night. will definitely need to reduce the trunk lower, there is a lot going on so I just figured id leave it and see what happens up there.
  20. Waltron

    does anyone see any twin trunk potential in these?

    I come across many twin trunks during my walks through the woods, I don't have any twin trunks and they are usually not my first choice, I don't have much knowledge of the style trunks, I know there are many rules of which im not that aware. I would like to get one or two this year. Seems like...
  21. Waltron

    Opinion on this big leaf maple yamadori?

    could it work as a multiple trunk? I keep coming back to it. i did some root work on it where it sits. its a big leaf maple, either a sugar or a norway I suspect.
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