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    Thanks to Bob Pressler for putting us onto this vendor. Not only are the prices very reasonable, but the owner, Jim Gollmer, provides very good customer service. I had received a code for a 10% discount, but when I was on line to order pots, I couldn't find the field in which to enter the...
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    Winged Elm--What's this: elm mycorrhyzia or rotting wood fungus?

    I had to repot a winged elm (ulmus alata) because its grow-box was falling apart. After removing the tree and soil from the box, I found each of the holes in the bottom was plugged with a white fungal growth (see white discs below). There were also streaks of this growth through the soil (ca...
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    Winged Elm--Ulmus alata: Suggestions?

    As I indicated in the hackberry post, this tree was also dug from my garden last Spring and allowed to grow unrestrained in its box. I have greater problems, I think, with the trunk on this elm: it has little taper, inverse taper, a crevice in the truck resulting from its rotting out from a chop...
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    Hackberry--Celtis occidentalis: Suggestions?

    Last Spring I dug up two trees from a corner of my garden that I had rather neglected, with rather poor results in terms of lack of taper and size of cut wounds. I let both trees grow unrestrained in a grow box last year. One is a winged elm (Ulmus alata), which I will present in another thread...
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