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  1. Cottie

    Collected hawthorn

    Yes it was feed well, I plan on letting it have another full growing season before I start working on it.:)
  2. Cottie

    Collected hawthorn

    It was a bit slow, but given the number of big roots that had to be cut to collect it I'm not surprised. Hopefully it will have a better growing season this spring.
  3. Cottie

    Hawthorn Chopping and re-growth

    Hi hawthorns do quite well in Tasmania ( Australia) we regularly get days over 35c in summer
  4. Cottie

    Hawthorn restyle

    I found this hawthorn near my parents place a couple of years ago but I was never happy with the straight sections. So I decided this year that it needed a major re style.I know that it still has a long way to go but I'm much happier with it now.
  5. Cottie

    Collected hawthorn

    Thanks for all the kind comments, my farmer friend thought I was crazy when I asked if I could dig a couple of hawthorns. His reply was that I could "dig as many of the prickly bastards as you like".
  6. Cottie

    Collected hawthorn

    This hawthorn was collected on a friends farm back in July, and has just started to push some leaves so fingers crossed.
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