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  1. Hartinez

    Large and neglected nursery Valley Oak (Quercus Lobata)

    So I recently dug up an Oak from my yard of the house I sold. It was planted 5 yrs ago and almost tripled in girth. I’m quite excited about this tree with smaller lobed leaves. @Bonsai Nut helped me identify it as Quercus Lobata and spike if it’s great promise for bonsai culture. Here is...
  2. Hartinez

    I’ve sold my house and I need a reward. Help me out!

    Hey nuts. Well, I haven’t closed just yet, but after living in my home my wife and I bought 6 yrs ago, we are under contract to sell for above asking price. It’s really a game changer for us, financially and for many other reasons. It was a small home that my family of five lived in and put in...
  3. Hartinez

    Drastic re-style of my first collected tree. A pitiful tree at that.

    Collected this tree a year or two after getting in to Bonsai. 2013 I believe. Pretty sure it’s an RMJ as it was collected in northern New Mexico at around 8000 ft. I was super pumped it survived at styled it as a formal upright. As I learned more, I realized how plain the tree truly was. A...
  4. Hartinez

    Oak ID help

    Yo. So I planted this Oak in my front yard about 5 years ago. It was a clearance rack purchase from Lowe’s. $10 or so. Loved the small leaves but the tiny trunk (at the time) didn’t seem Bonsai worthy. Well 5 years later and I was planning a move and investigated all of my yard plants that I...
  5. Hartinez

    Oni Noodles Grand Opening Display

    One of my best buds has been operating a hugely popular ramen noodle joint called Oni Noodles. For the last 2 years they have only been a food truck and pop up kitchen concept. They recently took the plunge on a brick and mortar location and began remodel before Covid. Well they are almost do...
  6. Hartinez

    Coral Beauty Cotoneaster. A great second tree. A step by step for beginners.

    Hey everyone. I’ve posted over the last couple of years about a few Cotoneaster Coral Beauty that were created from a bare trunk line. I’ve really enjoyed their progression and have found them quite hardy and able to take quite a bit of work. Here are those threads. I employed the same...
  7. Hartinez

    A nod to my pops

    I just wanted to take a sec to give some love to the man who cultivated my love for plants and gardening. He leaves for Phoenix this week for a lung transplant and there’s no guarantee he’ll make his way back. I’m hopeful and confident he’ll come out the back side a new man, ready to tackle...
  8. Hartinez

    Another Mame Cotoneaster - triple trunk or double trunk?

    Hey all. Here is another little tree I started last year. You can see it’s initial stages in This thread here along with another mame Cotoneaster I’m a big fan of. After exposing more of the base the triple trunk I had planned was starting to not look as good. The base was didn’t flare the...
  9. Hartinez

    $10 Tam Juniper - Juniperus Sabina

    Bought and initially chopped and roughly styled this tree last year on a weekend my wife was out of town. With an abundance of foliage and buds extending all over I decided to give it an extensive wire. I think it’s turned out to be a great little tree. I’d really like to reduce the root ball...
  10. Hartinez

    Collected Arizona Ash clump/group

    I collected this tree around May of last year from the Bosque just south of Albuquerque. I was on a run and came across it and it looked great as is, so I made my way back the following week and dug it up! It had already bug to leaf out and it took a bit for it to push new buds after a heavy...
  11. Hartinez

    Annealed copper vs Aluminum

    I recently purchased my first package of annealed copper wire for some conifers that need styling. I wired out a small Tan Juniper and did some initial larger bends on a sankan shimpaku. I’ve also got a Doug Fir and a englemann in need. I had only used aluminum wire up to this point and...
  12. Hartinez

    STOLEN BONSAI: re-post from pacific bonsai museum instagram

    Unfortunate news
  13. Hartinez

    First mail order tree. Trident maple Pre-Bonsai

    Pulled the trigger on this Maple on one of the auction sites recently. For $35 it seemed a great deal for what I was getting. everything was packaged very well and was shipped ground from Dallas to here in Abq. Only took 3 days. I opted not to bare root and had the seller keep it in its pond...
  14. Hartinez

    Annealed Copper Training Wire

    Picked up this bunch of annealed copper wire from one of the auction sites. Paid $80 for the lot. From what I can tell it was a good deal (if it’s not please tell me). Checked his website and it was priced just as well. Thought this might be useful to those looking to...
  15. Hartinez

    Carving timing

    I have a few deciduous trees I plan on carving a bit. I found 1 other thread on here that asked when the best time to carve is and it didn’t get a huge response. I’ve heard that late winter is a good time, but that is hearsay. I would also think, though, that mid summer when the tree is...
  16. Hartinez

    Shohin New Mexico Olive (Foresteria Neomexicana)

    Purchased this tree in a 3 gal nursery pot in fall of 2018. Left it be all fall and winter and chopped and potted it up spring 2019. Fertilized heavy and Let it grow all summer. I removed unwanted buds and left other growth in an attempt to heal in large chops all summer. What I’m finding out...
  17. Hartinez

    2020 Pot Acquisitions

    I’ve committed to upping my pot game for the 2020 season. Here are a few of my pickups this year with more to come in the mail and from different sources. It’s been an eclectic mix of pots from Japanese makers to American, to French makers.
  18. Hartinez

    Japanese Boxwood Forest Re-design

    I created the first planting of these trees in 2015 from 6 Japanese boxwood I purchased on clearance from Lowes, due to their wonderful root spread. I was inspired by John Geanangels Boxwood forest and thought Id give it a go. But through the years, the forest has never taken on the look I've...
  19. Hartinez

    Mom hooked me up!

    I’m 36 and for as long as I can remember my mom has always encouraged/perpetuated my hobbies and collecting. I’ve still got collections of things that I won’t post on here to save myself from embarrassment. Well she found a local guy in her area of Mississippi who started Bonsai and quit...
  20. Hartinez

    New to me pots

    Almost every bonsai pot I’ve owned up to this point was either given to me or I purchased from a local nursery. All pretty crappy mass produced stuff. They’ve all been great for what I had in regards to trees, but some of my trees are deserving of something better. I’ve purchased 4 pots in...
  21. Hartinez

    New Mexico’s trash tree, the Siberian elm....progression

    The Siberian Elm, that ubiquitous, funky, half dead tree on every corner and empty lot of not only New Mexico but a number of states. I was just reading that 25 states have it listed as an invasive and 3 states heavily regulate the propagation. In the 1930’s mayor Tingley of Albuquerque...
  22. Hartinez

    Ficus Benjamina “wiandi”

    Just wanted to share a ficus I’ve been working on for about 4 years. Unfortunately I lost most of the photos from its purchase and the following 2 years. I e got 1 shot from last year and today. it started as a triple trunk but I removed 2 of its trunks and rooted outas there own trees over...
  23. Hartinez

    Bonsai or Bonsai’s

    Completely stupid thread warning. But I had to! When talking our hobby in the plural do we refer to a group of “bonsai” or “bonsai’s”? I’m pretty sure it’s “bonsai”, but I’m no expert at this language and don’t speak none too good. it reminds of a a small town in northern New Mexico called...
  24. Hartinez

    Thoughts on a pot for this large juniper

    Hey everyone. There is a thread for this tree Right here. If you want to give suggestions on the tree, do so in that thread please. All the faults and successes of the tree can be found there. I was asking on that thread but didn’t get a lot of response on is a pot choice. I’m going to order a...
  25. Hartinez


    This is a pre-thread Thread. I bought this guy in June of this year. Repotted and cut back most of the unwanted foliage, branches etc. At the time of purchase at HD I knew I wanted to do some type of tall and elegant Literati, due to its movement in the trunk and It’s foliage. I’ve been...
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