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  1. Tom21

    Repotting and Wilting

    So I replanted my Willow Leaf because it needed it badly. I have been watching it for almost a week now and it has steadily become more wilted. I think that I read that Ficus can lose their leaves after a repotting but will grow them back. Is this true? The entire tree is wilted to at least some...
  2. Tom21

    Optimal Artificial Light

    I recently started this hobby and after realizing that I needed artificial light went out and got two. One is a full spectrum CFL. The other is a 10xRed and 2xBlue LED grow light. At six inches they put off 100k and 15k lux respectively. I've read that 10k lux is enough to grow my trees (dwarf...
  3. Tom21

    Beginner with Questions

    Hello everyone, (Sorry for the long post) First off my name is Tom and would like to sample the bonsai hobby. These trees have always interested me and seem like a very neat and worthwhile project. I have only begun researching the subject and I have learned a few things but I have many...
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