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  1. Aeast

    Beech ground layering?

    Found this unique root sucker off a very large beech, actually I find these quite often and some have incredible character. Are these able to be layered off the parent root?
  2. Aeast

    Happy Fathers Day!

    Happy fathers day to all the dads out there. If you have boys this might look familiar!
  3. Aeast

    Branch selection?

    A few questions on branch selection/development on material in early stage post collection. Which should I keep, and which should I remove? Basically what you see is what pushed out after collecting last year. Should I let all the branches thicken at once, or trim back all branches except...
  4. Aeast


    White bark birch that is! Collected this about 4 or so years ago. Any thoughts on a front and design ideas? It has a very nice nebari all the way around. Front option 1. Front option 2
  5. Aeast

    Big Haw!

    It's been about a couple weeks since collection on this big hawthorn and the buds are popping! I've had my eye on this tree for a couple years now and finally was able to collect it. I'm unsure of the exact variety of hawthorn that it is, as there are quite a few out there, with many that...
  6. Aeast

    Spring work!

    A couple trees I've been working on, Hophornbeam (ostra Virginia) and white bark birch. Not real sure on the future of the birch but I really like the tree.
  7. Aeast

    First styling!

    Heres a first styling on this hornbeam (carpinus caroliniana), actually this is my first wiring of a deciduous tree. Critiques are welcome because I really have limited experience. Before and after:
  8. Aeast

    Do you see what I see?

    These trees were collected this spring by myself. There was obviously something that I saw in them. Do you see what I see? Is there potential in these or are they a waste of time?
  9. Aeast

    Beech collecting (Fagus grandifolia)

    In my quest to acquire all native material, I've come across a question. I guess this pertains to most deciduous but my question is geared towards Fagus grandifolia in particular. (1.) When collecting, is it more advantageous to leave most foliage on at collection, let the tree gain strength...
  10. Aeast

    To chop or not to chop..

    I like the elegant lines of this hornbeam and don't mind a tall thin tree, but does this need a chop down to that first branch? What say you?
  11. Aeast

    Something sweet!

    I collected this sugar maple from our sugar grove this spring. I know these don't make ideal bonsai but to me it's worth a try. I admire all the large trees that give us so much sap every year and I'd like to try and emulate one. I have a few others as well but I like the curves on this one!
  12. Aeast

    Hemlock literati hopeful

    I know this tree isn't much but I've been keeping my eye on it for years to collect and I see potential in it as a literati. Theres a nice little Shari at the base of the trunk and if I can nurse it back to full strength I think it could be nice in a few years. What would you invision for this...
  13. Aeast

    Natures Way nursery, Pa

    Who has been? What can I expect, do they have a good variety of material available? I'll be in Harrisburg in a few weeks to pick up my spray truck and thought I'd pop in for a visit, possibly pick up a tree while I'm there.
  14. Aeast

    Guess the age!

    Count the rings and give me your best guess.
  15. Aeast

    Hemlock Apex

    Hello all, I'm having some trouble deciding what to do with the apex of this hemlock. The large branch on the left is giving me trouble and I can't figure out what to do with it. I have the small leader in the center wired as the new apex but am open to suggestions.
  16. Aeast

    Need a virt/branch selection

    I collected this american beech going on 3 years ago, she's had a fresh repot and now I need some advice on styling.
  17. Aeast

    Nyssa sylvatica, aka..blackgum, tupelo!

    Are there any examples or anyone in the US currently using these for bonsai? I'm very interested in this species and have many at my disposal for collection. They are quite beautiful in the fall and I think (as long as they adapt to pot life well) would make great bonsai. The ones I've seen are...
  18. Aeast

    A. Beech, how would you proceed?

    Hello all. I've recently collected this American beech and am looking for some input. If it lives, how would you proceed with development? Is it worth proceeding? It's planted in pure Kanuma.
  19. Aeast


    How would the care of a vine differ from a tree? Bittersweet, grape, etc.. I have seen very few examples of Bittersweet bonsai and the ones I have seen are beautiful . It grows everywhere in my area and I'm going to collect a few this spring. Any info would be appreciated.
  20. Aeast

    Henry pine, fairly new species!

    Only four months old but has a very fast growth habit. A little high maintenance for now but I think I'll keep him for life. This is one to invest some time in!
  21. Aeast

    Collected white oak advice

    Hello bnut, I am seeking advice from any oak experts on here. I collected this white oak a month ago and need help on the next step. As you can see, its pushing shoots out like crazy, but I don't know what to do next to ensure its survival. Should I just let it go, keep it in full sun, and...
  22. Aeast

    Importing from Kaizen

    The title pretty much says it all. I'm wondering if importing from Europe is possible? Or is it pretty much like getting trees from Japan? Kaizen has some really nice yamadori scots that I'd like to own. Thanks for any info, Aaron.
  23. Aeast

    U.S. National Exhibition

    For you that have been there and checked out the vendor section, would you say the prices for trees, soil, tools etc is fair, or are they hiked for the show? I'd like to get some supplies there and save on shipping if I can and maybe also leave with a tree. Thanks, Aaron.
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