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  1. my nellie

    Is this wireworm?

    I have a Juniperus conferta "Blue Pacific" (according to the label....) which I bought last November 2018. Its color didn't look very well but I thought it was due to cold. However, this was getting worse, more and more needles were yellowing, drying and dying. I was waiting for spring to make...
  2. my nellie

    Tiny drops of resin

    I noticed a lot of very small drops of resin on the new soft needles of my Halepensis Pine. They are very attractive shining under the sun like diamonds. BUT is this normal? Do you have any experience?
  3. my nellie

    120 minutes of drama - That was THE Century's final

    I was watching a replay of the 2009 Greek Football Cup final game between AEK vs OLYMPIAKOS. Best final ever! The greatest Greek Cup final in history. First half : 2 - 0 Second half : 3 - 3 Extra Time First half : 3 - 4 Second half : 4 - 4 Olympiakos is reduced to only 9 players (two red...
  4. my nellie

    Remarkable Specimens critique by 4 professional practicioners

    Ryan Neil, Bobby Curttright, Matt Reel, and Michael Hagedorn critiquing selected trees. On Bonsai Mirai Very interesting conversation, indepth insight on styling and showing bonsai!
  5. my nellie

    Multiple flushes of growth in Pines

    In another thread the number of flushes of new growth has arisen. @DirkvanDreven had asked me to confirm if possible that Pinus halepensis in Cyprus has three pushes of shoots per year. I do love trees in nature and I admire their stature, I can recognize some of them, I can tell their...
  6. my nellie

    American Bonsai Society Announcement

    My intention is not to create a discussion/argument.... In this hostile days that we are living all around the world, I just felt it was my obligation to share this with people who share the same passion/enjoyment/art/craftsmanship/...../..... (or at least this is what we think we are doing) You...
  7. my nellie

    ACTUAL" Hardening Off" - Please teach me about

    This is about a small collected Acer sempervirens or Acer creticum (Cretan Maple) It was donated to me last January 2018 by a good friend who collected this specially for me. This is a very sensitive species, slow in growth, "touchy" at being disturbed, local conditions dependent etc etc The...
  8. my nellie

    Tamarix gallica

    This is my Tamarix @bonhe ... not quality photos though... The tree How the bark looks like Part of the deadwood And the flowers running to fully open :)
  9. my nellie

    Those exceptional creatures....

    Our beloved cat Nouri is no longer with us..... He has been a fighter all his short life and as such he has struggled to live all through these last days..... This morning our good vet had him operated to realize an oversized ruptured spleen..... Poor animal didn't overcome the...
  10. my nellie

    Question on Bonsai Bark / Stone Lantern

    In issue of April 30 one can see and admire some "extraordinary pines" The Pine in the photo below belongs to Luis Vallejo, Spain. Wayne Schoech is wondering about the size of candles based on their location on the tree. As he says : "Because we’re focusing on the candles and how they are...
  11. my nellie

    My Nellie's participation in the JBP Contest

    Well, @Anthony has managed to persuade me to participate in the contest :eek: He has very kindly sent the seeds from Trinidad as a gift! Seeds were sent on 28/02/2018 and received on 16/03/2018 safe and sound :) They had been already stratified so I just soaked them in lukewarm water for 48hrs...
  12. my nellie

    Seedling cutting (other than Pine) anyone?

    I read with interest posts of members participating in the 6 y. JBP contest. @markyscott especially posting his seedling cuttings! Being under all these impressions I had the chance to experiment with a seedling which sprouted ad lib into a small plastic pot. Genus/species unknown but has the...
  13. my nellie

    Feeling so ashamed...

    Unthinkable, unprecedented! Businessman owner of football team PAOK invaded in rage in the terrain threatening the referee who awarded a goal to AEK carrying his revolver surrounded by his henchmen. Media around the world are occupied reporting the scandal in the football league of Greece...
  14. my nellie

    How would you act if you were to eliminate #1 out of #3 trunks?

    The subject is a Juniperus chinensis -cultivar unknown- an ordinary nursery tree which forms three trunks emerging at the base of the tree. It has been H.B.R-ed last October and has been growing healthy since then (
  15. my nellie

    RIP Reiner Goebel

    This sad announcement is posted on IBC May his soul find peace. Sincere condolences to family.
  16. my nellie

    WHAT is happening???

    When I select "Recent posts" everything is written in Japanese/Chinese? This doesn't happen when I select any of the threads in any other fora, but if I select any thread out of the "new posts" list then the thread appears in Japanese or anything. Must be spam messages posted massively... Edit...
  17. my nellie

    Flowers 2018

    Brassolaelia "Yellow Bird" The first of the two flowers opened in January 1st of this new year. My photos... crappy as always :( I apologize...
  18. my nellie

    Growing under lights - Diurnal cycle

    Some days ago I posted a question of mine regarding plants' need for darkness in previously existing threads about artificial lighting. In the meantime I did a search on the internet and I kept the main points of those scientific articles, papers etc. I think I would like to share what I have...
  19. my nellie

    Juniperus - Questions to the experts

    This is a Juniperus sinensis which I bought yesterday from an ordinary nursery. Healthy, vigorous growth. The soils is not that bad BUT it's completely occupied by small roots, at least on the surface part of the mass. There are three trunks coming out but I need only one of them for my project...
  20. my nellie

    AIR BONSAI Air Bonsai is a creation inspired by our planet Earth. A small and beautiful floating existence.
  21. my nellie

    A humble first attempt at Penjing (...kind of)

    I love penjing! Pleases me more than simple bonsai. Time has come to experiment on making a very simple composition of rocks and a tree. A tree in raft form... I had collected some old ceramic tiles used in roofing of old country houses in my village. Not that old but old enough :) and those...
  22. my nellie

    Pinus halepensis collecting-zone 9

    In my property (almost into a pine forest) there are a lot of young trees, seedlings, more advanced in age etc which I can collect. Τhe soil is kind of rocky but there are one or two trees on slopes which I believe are easier to remove preserving fine roots.... At least this is what I hope...
  23. my nellie

    For Norene and Al

    I do not want to post it in the "Tea House" ...and I know there will be no more tears in Heaven...
  24. my nellie

    Butchered Yamadori beauty in the French Alps Perhaps you have already read about this... I just now read and saw the image and this is very sad for sure....
  25. my nellie

    Last words of Steve Jobs

    Most probably you have already read this but I thought was worth it posting this text once again (copied from the net) The last words of Steve Jobs, 1955-2011 ("Apple" co-founder) “I reached the pinnacle of success in the business world. In others’ eyes, my life is an epitome of success...
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