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  1. equanox1

    Japanese black pine needles turning white

    Thank you so much for your replies! I'm going to go about obtaining some daconil and try that bonide fungicide off amazon too. Do you guys think cutting off all the needles in the effected areas would do my trees any good?
  2. equanox1

    Japanese black pine needles turning white

    I really need to know real quick what is up with two of my black pines. Both are having all or next to most of their needles lightning up wayy too much and starting to turn white!!! I noticed this the other day but didnt really look at them much until today. I sprayed them down with some neem...
  3. equanox1

    Spring japanese maple cuttings?

    I need to take more pics, but luckily I have one I can post that's a lot closer.... 33cx34g by equanox1 posted Oct 12, 2015 at 3:00 AM
  4. equanox1

    Spring japanese maple cuttings?

    I'm not sure exactly what japanese maple this is, but I planted it when i was 11, I'm 25 now. I've never tried taking cuttings from maples before, but I was wondering if spring would be the best time to Attempt to take cuttings from this maple? I guess i could google for that answer, but...
  5. equanox1


    Hey guys! It's been a while since I've posted anything on here, but I figured I'de start a thread about art. If you have some art, like canvas art or some scrolls or other inspirational visual eye candy, post it up! I'de really like to check it out! Figured I'de post a pic of a canvas of...
  6. equanox1

    First Hard Freeze

    I'm in lexington nc. it's supposed to get down to 15 tonight. i pretty much have 3 junipers and a hinoki cypress, i guess i'm leavin em outside. last night was bad, i think it got down to 19 and when i moved em last night somewhere around 2am, the soil was rock hard. but today i just put em...
  7. equanox1

    Carolina Bonsai Expo

    I didn't find out about this until 7pm the last night of the expo. If I would have heard about it Before I did, I would have went! Really would have liked to! I think if there's another one next year, there should be word of it long before it happens! And if its an annual exhibition, I've still...
  8. equanox1

    Phosphoload? Hygrozyme?

    Anyone ever used or even tried Phosphoload for bonsai? I think it's no longer made, but... I've heard it really packs on strength to branches. A friend recommended it for other types of plants to increase mass strength in branches and he swore up n down by it that it's another worldly type...
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