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  1. Shay

    Fresh Korean hornbeam seeds

    Hi, Looking for fresh Korean hornbeam seeds to buy. Also willing to trade with Mikawa JBP seeds from Japan. Thanks! Shay
  2. Shay

    Root experiment

    Hello all, I had a fascinating experience with a few oak acorns I planted this season that gave me an idea. I planted the acorns in a colander and at that time had a small amount of soil. so they were planted very shallow (about half an inch deep overall). I figured I'll transplant them once...
  3. Shay

    Nebari work

    Hello all, Attaching some photos of palmatum and trident nebari work done last weekend. The palmatum is an air layer that was detached a year and a half ago and you can see the original trunk diameter as a white circle. it's amazing how quickly the base has expanded. The roots on the trident are...
  4. Shay

    Dwarf Palmatum? Help in identification

    Hello all I got this one at a regular nursery. They only had 3 specimens (got them all...) I only saw it dormant but from the dry leaves it had on, they are pinky nail size. Any ideas what cultivar it might be? Thanks, Shay
  5. Shay

    reptilian bougainvillea

    An urban yamadori from last spring. Working on the deadwood... Cheers, Shay
  6. Shay

    chojubai seedlings questions

    Hi all, I have started some japanese quince from seed last spring. There are about 20 seedlings in a colander. Attaching a photo from today. I am looking for some directions on how to grow them properly. Ideal repoting time? How sensitive are they with root work? Whats the best way to get them...
  7. Shay

    is this rock good for JBP?

    Hi, I have found this rock on a trip to a desert. Thought of using it with a JBP. Start from the bottom left plateau up and continue the right silhouette line to the left and down. Is it a good rock? Any thoughts? Thank you! Shay
  8. Shay

    JBP ROR questions

    Hi, I have never made root over rock before and recently developed an interest... Attaching a picture of a volcanic rock I found on a weekend trip and have some questions about it and about ROR in general. first of all, what do you think about the rock? is it suitable for JBP? I can vision it as...
  9. Shay

    Help with identification

    Hi, In search of Mikawa JBP seeds, I gave a shot to a source in China via Aliexpress. The seeds I got looked like pine seeds but the seedlings that sprouted are definitely not... Can any one tell me what these are? The supplier insist its Mikawa pine... Thanks, Shay
  10. Shay

    Shohin Elm

    Hello, This tree was collected earlier this year from an abandon schoolyard that was being renovated. The first picture was when I got it. There is no scale but the trunk thickness is 1.5-2 inches. It grew very well the past couple of months and today I had a workshop with Ofer Grunwald and...
  11. Shay

    what's happening?!

    Is my Acer dying? Its happening all over...
  12. Shay

    what am I doing wrong?

    Hello everyone, Leaves on my boxwood, Acer and prunus dulcis look off. What is it and how do I treat it? I also have oaks and elms that look OK. All are watered and fertilized the same. Thanks for the help, Shay
  13. Shay

    Acer obtusifolium

    Hi all I found this tree in a nursety. Got a bargain price on it and think it has potential. This is an endemic Acer and the only one we have here. Its not deciduous so no fall colors. It has a nice deadwood and good taper but all the rest is a mess. Ill let it grow freely now and select...
  14. Shay

    Acer palmatum

    Hello everyone, I found this tree in a nurcery. There is only one in Israel that grow them being located 700m above sea level and in zone 9. I live closer to the cost line and in zone 10. My appartement is facing north and relatively cool. Shade all winter and part sunny the rest of the year. I...
  15. Shay

    air layering 8" elm

    Hello, There is an old elm near my home that has a low branch or trunk and I was thinking of air layering it... Its 8" or so at the point I want to layer. Is it possible? When should I start if yes? The picture was taken at night, sorry. Thank you, Shay
  16. Shay

    oak tourniquet

    Hello, I wanted to ask; dose any one have experience with ground layering/tourniquet oak? I need to fix this reverce tapering... This is a Quercus ithaburensis Thank you! Shay
  17. Shay

    Elm styling help

    Hello, I got this elm a couple of months ago. the trunk at the base is about 3 inches. It is starting to show new growth so I repotted it today to change its angle. I was thinking of getting rid of the bulky top and use the upper right branch as a new leader. this will result a large opening...
  18. Shay

    artificial light

    Hello, I didn't know in what section to ask this question... hope its OK. I live in Israel which is a very sunny country all year round. having said that my apartment is facing north and the balcony I use, to grow the trees I have, get no direct sun during winter. in transition seasons and...
  19. Shay

    leucophyllum collected this morning...

    Hi all I have collected this tree a few hours ago. Wanted to ask if I should cut back more on this one or wait with it. If I want to do a double trunk style on this one I thought I should cut the right trunk down. Any thoughts? Thank you. Shay
  20. Shay

    Good or bad?

    I got this juniper from a nursery a couple of days ago. I thought it had potential when I saw it, but now after a better look it feels like I made a bad choice... I would appreciate a direction on the design. Also, I know I should look for a good taper, movement, interesting nebari... But...
  21. Shay

    First tree guidance

    Hello all, I have wanted to practice Bonsai for many years and only recently discovered I can get suitable trees where I live (Israel). For the past couple of months I have been studying the basics and looking for good raw materials in nurseries. Yamadori is a bit difficult here but I am working...
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