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    Collecting Hazards

    Figures. I lived in Wyoming for 16 years. All I saw was antelope. Lots of antelope! Awesome pictures. I would have been somewhat freaked out.
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    Two down, three to go, California junipers.

    I'll be there in a few hours to pick it up. kidding, but I really like how this looks.
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    West Coast Storm

    We need the rain. It started again today. I don't need the wind though. I've had my plants out enough to get water, then they have to go back under the patio. Supposed to keep raining and blowing all week.
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    Outdoor table ideas?

    So, I am a woodworker as well as an aspiring bonsai fanatic. Has anyone seen, used, wanted, dreamed, drooled over any outdoor display areas? I have a table I am using, but it's my fish cleaning table, and well, I need to use it for fish. I need to build a table for my trees, and would love to...
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    Picked up my first "project" today

    Thanks! Same one from /r/bonsai. I'm trying not to chop it. Really trying.
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    Picked up my first "project" today

    It does help, Rick. It's just a $5 tree, but I don't want to ruin it. The foliage is super thick on one side, so I know that has to be trimmed back. I'm having a hard time picturing a design for it. I guess that's part of being a beginner!
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    Picked up my first "project" today

    Geeeze. I'm way to scared to do that!
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    Picked up my first "project" today

    I gave it a slight trim. I hope I did ok. I know I have a lot to learn.
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    Picked up my first "project" today

    Thank you Beth. I was reading basically what you said. They are slow to grow also. I haven't cut anything yet. Its a bushy mess, and I don't know where I want to go with it. So I'm going to spend a few days looking at it.
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    Picked up my first "project" today

    I was at home depot for paint, and they had boxwood on sale. I paid $5 for this. The nebari has potential, I think. Being new, I'm not sure when to start cutting it back. It has new buds on it, and none are open, if that helps any.
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    New GoPro Camera

    Bring it out to Vandenberg. You can get video of a few of the sharp toothed locals.
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    Bonsai tree seeds+ unicorn egg

    Bought one. Finally, I'll have a decent plant to look at!
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    New to this

    Thanks for the tips everyone. My wife bought it at the commissary on base. The soil leaves a lot to be desired. I think the glue from the rocks seeped in. I had to break up the top layer. I only water when needed, and not on a schedule. The soil looks dry in this photo, but I can assure...
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    New to this

    I did not consider winter being near. We do not get cold here. Lows of 55 for the most part.
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    New to this

    I live on Vandenberg AFB, near Lompoc and Santa Maria. California. I'm sure I will buy more than a book. But, I can kid myself for now. The juniper just hasn't had the same color the past few days. As soon as I got it, I removed the glued in rocks. I really wanted to repot it, but most...
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    New to this

    Hi everyone. Just wanted to check in real quick. I'm trey. I live in zone 10B. A few months ago, I got very interested in picking up this hobby. I did some reading online, but didn't buy any books. I decided to wait for some reason. Then my wife picked me up a juniper from the...
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