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  1. jesseblunt

    Nursery Japanese Maple end of season sale

    Picked this little feller up for $15 today. Got it for practice and because I can't help but buy stuff to fart around with until I get a better feel for design and wiring and such. No idea on the variety, only that he told me it was a Green Japanese Maple variety. I'll post updates as I work...
  2. jesseblunt

    $5 Maple with dieback

    Picked this guy up for $5 today. It was growing out of the pot and I don't have anything big enough to pot it up in and I don't have the space to put it in the ground, so it'll likely have to stay in this pot for winter. (if it makes it) I am interested in being a bit aggressive with this...
  3. jesseblunt

    Viking Black Chokeberry "Aronia melanocarpa 'Viking"

    Anyone a friend of the Chokeberry? Another of my freebies. Advice/virts would be really helpful. I'm hoping I can have some fun with this guy and see where it goes THANKS, Jesse (Tried to outsmart the photo upload with pre-rotating...sorry for the orientation yo-yo'ing)
  4. jesseblunt

    Mugo monstrosity

    Free nursery find (headed for the burn pile) Is that a trunk or just a big fat useless knuckle? Branches seem too thick as well as being bar branches and I'm not sure what to start thinking about styling. What is the cutoff for root work on Mugos? This guy is root bound and I'd love to...
  5. jesseblunt


    Just curious if there are any other bonsai enthusiasts who are Freemasons? I am a member of Blue Mound Lodge #682 in Blue Mound, IL.
  6. jesseblunt

    Back issues

    Anyone got back issues of some helpful bonsai magazines they would part with at a reasonable price or even gift to a financially challenged bonsai student?
  7. jesseblunt

    Crimson Queen

    Found this Maple that died back and the price was right. Took a chance and stuck it in a pond basket and chopped the top. Also took some of the longer branches back to just two leaves per branch. Comments and critique very welcome!
  8. jesseblunt

    Unknown Juniper

    Not sure of the variety of this Juniper. I am lost as to what the next step should be in styling and shaping this. Any suggestions?
  9. jesseblunt

    Blue Star

    Picked up this Blue Star Juniper from a local nursery. I cut away as much dead and weak stuff as I could manage. I will try to post better pictures against a more solid backdrop if these don't suffice. I am looking for advice on style and shaping. I suppose it's too late to think about...
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