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  1. jriddell88

    Kimura rock planting’s

    Impressive and inspirational, I wondered where/how he acquired some of those stones he uses in his planting’s.
  2. jriddell88

    Jesse’s 6 year JBP seedlings

    50 seeds just arrived ,I’ll give it a shot !
  3. jriddell88

    Southwestern white pine; strobiformis

    Collected by Alvaro in 2016 . Seemed to be vigorous pushing buds has a pot full of fine rootage , so we smashed it down , rootball will be looked at in the spring and .......... Let it grow
  4. jriddell88

    Sokan Juniperus Chinensis Prostrata, Father /Son

    This ones for my son Need to clean some pots :confused:
  5. jriddell88

    Quince clumps?

    i have a white flowering quince here , not sure of the exact cultivar , contorted maybe ? Anyway I thought I read somewhere that when you repot by cutting off a section of the rootball and planting that it will grow suckers ? I'm curious about this as I will be repotting this one next spring ...
  6. jriddell88

    Juniperus rigida Forrest Poll

    I received this beast 2 years ago and just let it grow and grow , I now have enough to start wiring some the secondary and propiatary branches down. Most of the main branches are growing slightly upwards unfortunately and just lacks in my eyes , I like the trees but it's boring ! Anyways These...
  7. jriddell88

    Emergency repot

    out on the river for a while today and came home to chaos , heavy storms , power outages , the good stuff ! At least the Lynn august pot finally got a home :D New monster SR pot that's been on the table for a while ! Little Tony likes the new pot better :rolleyes::rolleyes:
  8. jriddell88

    Couple of ugly ducklings

    American elm from @Stickroot finally got the chop this year and a new pot finally I carved away all the dead wood ,took a handful of root cuttings from the left side a few didn't make it but I'll post some pictures later , and a poor little shohin yatsubusa black pine with a burl. Half are...
  9. jriddell88

    Contorted Quince bloom

    She finally blooms , poor thing , squirrels/chipmunks seem to love her and her bark, and her branches??? Chewing off entire branches!!. They got the first set of blooms when they were a day or so from opening. They've been getting into the cold frame , so I moved her to the porch.
  10. jriddell88

    New camera

    Well finally got a good camera, now I need.some good.lights and a backdrop. Any suggestions on lighting ? What do you guys use . I'm sure this has been talked about in other threads but this one I can reference back to and add too. I was just unwiring this San Jose juniper decided to snap a few...
  11. jriddell88

    Grafted Kishu shimpaku clump

    40 year old San Jose tree on the hill , Kishu grafting started 18 years ago
  12. jriddell88

    Nature's inspiration photos

    Just wanted to share some photos of my day. About 20 minute boat ride from my farm on the kentucky river , reminded me how beautiful my home is , I get a lot of inspiration from the land around me to express in my bonsai. There are a number of very nice looking red cedars along these cliffs and...
  13. jriddell88

    Mountain NANA

    I wanted to share a juniper I received last year. Can't seem to find the old pictures , but it was a complete ground shrub , so I did a rough styling last winter.I pulled it out today to treat deadwood. The jin was created and i decided to do something a little different with the tree. Slip...
  14. jriddell88

    The beer bottle (or can) Bonsai Thread

    This thread is similar to the tree thread. Post a picture of a beer and a bonsai on every post. Beer can is a good way to show scale as most people know the size of cans and bottles. If you want to respond post a pic. Tell us a little something about the tree, or future plans , etc. Welcome to...
  15. jriddell88

    shimpaku leaner

    Bought this shimp last year I really liked how tall and slender it was . Had a nice healthy canopy for most part. One side looked to have been shaded out and was beginning to decline. Just did a repot and HBR last night. The rootball was a big ball of sand so I went a little easy. I haven't had...
  16. jriddell88

    chunky britches barberis chopped and budding

    Made some big chops on this chunky guy and it's budding nicely. Has a big uro that goes through the whole trunk. Has a nice pot full of roots so I will be doing repot next season. This year I will be concentrating on getting the main structure defined and Building from there! This was a free...
  17. jriddell88

    Japanese Black Pine Revival #1

    this is going to be the first of a hand full of JBP progression threads. This one is starting the get some nice bark. First order of business this coming spring will be to begin working on the rootball and getting some good soil mixed in. Soil now is rock solid not allowing water to penetrate...
  18. jriddell88

    yatsubusa black pine bulge

    I haven't done much carving. This little yatsubusa pine has a large bulge where a grouping of branches were removed. It caused an ugly sore that appears to be reverse taper now. I really like this tree and want to try to carve it out to hide some of the issue. It is a neat little tree and I...
  19. jriddell88


    Anyone name this one? Having a hard time tracking it down old friend of mine drops off trees a couple times a year, wasn't able to ask him. Now his health is failing and can't reach out to him.
  20. jriddell88

    Finally , my very first japanese black pine

    Well I've been doing bonsai for years now and took a chance on this one. Pretty much a shot in the dark. I saw very few pictures and they weren't very good , but for the price I said what the heck, got to start somewhere. It's about 18" tall with a suprisingly decent nebari. It's just a big...
  21. jriddell88

    yamadori hunt for next season.

    Took a nice hike yesterday looking for some things to possibly collect next year. I found more candidates in the sand next to the river than I did anywhere else. Seems that we have a lot of elms floating around. Anyone know the species? These guys have had a rough life. This beach floods bad...
  22. jriddell88

    nursery material

    I always enjoy taking old styled material and bringing them back to life it brings me great joy. When I work with nursery material I really love to work with decent quality stuff . I don't mind spending a few extra bucks to get some good stuff. I do alot of my shopping from around the country...
  23. jriddell88

    urban yamadori

    Ok so one of the good things about working construction. When landscaping has to be removed you always get first dibs and everything is free. I've aquired alot of really cool material over the years , japanese maples galore, all sorts of old bonsai material. So here I have the opportunity to...
  24. jriddell88

    louisville ky swap meet

    The louisville bonsai society held a swap meet today from 9-1 drove an hour to check it out. They had a nice selection of pre bonsai and some pretty good prices , picked these two up, couldn't go home empty handed!
  25. jriddell88

    barberry bonsai?

    Anyone every work with barberry ? I aquire pre bonsai all the time from local friends that own green houses and landscape companies, anytime something interesting pops up they let me have first dibs on digging it up. I picked this thing up 2 years ago . I have just been letting it grow and grow...
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