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  1. leatherback


    So.. Last year I won the German New Talent contest. Today I should have been in Tsjechien to compete at the European level. Needless to say.. This has been cancelled. I little bummed. Sad. Sigh. 2020. The wasted year
  2. leatherback

    Popups on bnut?

    For a few days now, I every few loads get a popup from doubleclick adds to download a text file. Am I the only one?
  3. leatherback

    BRT afficionados, unite!

    Seems like there are lots of people growing BRT on this forum. How about a place to put together out BRTs, and updates, ideas, experiences? A Brazilian Raintree focussed thread. Share and care!
  4. leatherback

    Yamadori pine - test-specimen

    This weekend I was in testing mode. I am in a six year bonsai developer programme. I have now succesfully completed 4 of 6 years. For the ~7 hours styling timeslot, I picked a large yamadori pine to work on. This pine had been waiting for me in the stockyard for a while. Saw it Saturday again...
  5. leatherback

    Bigger nothofagus antarctica

    Over the weekend I had the opportunity to get myself a nothofagus antarctica. I used to have one, but a hot sunny dat made an end to its career a few years ago., Ever since I have been looking for a bigger tree to get, but no luck so far. Untill this weekend. I went to pick it up Saturday...
  6. leatherback

    Airlayer or graft old scots pine

    I have been working on this old scots pine over the weekend. In its future is a top-chop forseen. But, as it has such great bark, I am considering keeping the top on its own. So.. Now the challenge.. How do I get roots. Anybody here any experience with grafting seedlings on Scots pine, or with...
  7. leatherback

    Adjustments to the ignore function

    On this forum there is something called the ignore function. Appearently, it filters out all posts, comments, responses by users that have been put on "ignore" by the logged in user. I realize this is way to popular a feature on the site to be ever removed, although I would be an advocate of...
  8. leatherback

    Comparing size with Clicio

    @Clicio has been bugging me that he wants to compare sizes and see whether you can get the same size in the cold north as in the tropics. To not spoil any threads with this big boys game.. A separate one. Clicio, here are mine. I am not sure when I planted the seeds. Was it 2018?
  9. leatherback

    Ittoigawa juniper

    This juniper has been with me a reasonable amount of time, and is sort of my ittoigawa teacher. I bought it from someone in the UK, who had it from a batch of trees imported from Japan. As he himself was moving abroad, he was selling his stock. I was planning attending a big weekend-long...
  10. leatherback

    When is a ginkgo to big for bonsai?

    Hi All, I just spoke to the new owner of a house in my street. He is getting rid of 2 old ginkgos. THey have been there for 20+ years, and in spring were chopped to a metre tall. Trunk at groun level is 1 1/2 ft across or so. Some taper in the first foot of height, but nothing drastic, just the...
  11. leatherback

    Winter layering?

    I was readin in Andrea Meriggioli's maple book. In there, he states that tridents and to some extent, palmatums, can be layered in late winter, before leaves appear... Anybody here have experience with this? In any case.. I put a tourniquette on a branch today, will start a layer in late...
  12. leatherback

    dead pine seedlings

    @Wires_Guy_wires loves to hate black pine seedlings. So after growing some of them from seed for what must have felt like eons, he decided to bin them. Instead I suggested he drops them in a box to me. The Dutch mail did what they are supposed to do and I received a box of dirt with some yellow...
  13. leatherback

    Cork bark Pine care?

    In February I managed to get a decent cork-bark pine. Grafted on non-cork variety, unfortunately. But that is normal for the variety I think. As it was a new tree, I took it to a workshop and we decided on a repot, as the original ground-soil was still in the roots. As we pulled it from the...
  14. leatherback

    Diggin Yew

    Hm.. Seeding Yews are getting a little rare in my-abouts. SOmething to do with people not wanting poisonous delicious looking berries in their backyard. So when our version or gregs' list showed a bunch of 25 y.o. Yews that needed to go, completely, and for free, I said to some mates: Lets go...
  15. leatherback

    site time machine..

    so.. that is a first.. blast from.tomorrow!!?
  16. leatherback

    Leatherbacks Veni Vidi Vici trees

    I find that I hand over trees to other people frequently. So the pictures end up in dusty shoeboxes, the trees no more than a fleeting memory. Just to make sure these never are lost, I will share some of these hand-over trees and their progressions here. Or died trees. Lets not forget those either.
  17. leatherback

    Late layering of Zelkova?

    I was cleaning up the garden and noticed one of my zelkova grew a branch of about 4ft this year. Nice and arrow straight I thought it would be a nice candidate to start a new project. SO instead of it going to the compost when I do my fall pruning.. I was thinking to do a layer. How do you put...
  18. leatherback

    Multi-trunk Taxus

    Time and health... Priority Nr 1. In the summer of 2008 I found a Taxus laying in a container. I decided to bring it home and plant it in a pot. Since finding the tree not much was done to it. The main stems were shortened and old branches cut back. For the rest it was left to grow and get...
  19. leatherback

    going about cuttings

    Decided to moe this out of the thread to keep @sorce s thread clean.. This year has been a very good year for propagation for me. From seed (I now have roughly 300 seedlings of maples, zelkova, elm, larch, but also a few dozen cuttings and for most it looks like they struck, arakawa maple...
  20. leatherback

    Which tree species root over rock?

    Earlier in the year I got a case of Seiryu rocks to start root over rock compositions. Considering the number of rocks I have I am wondering whether there are species that would make great root over rock, but are not seen that often. Right now, I am mainly contemplating trident maple, Ittoigawa...
  21. leatherback

    New three trunked malus spp

    On the fakebook I spotted a decent deal for a crapapple. As I have one crappy one which I was contemplating getting rid off, I thought this might be the replacement I was looking for. So.. Made the deal. Asked for shipping. And waited. Monday it arrived. Unfortunately.. During shipment it had...
  22. leatherback

    Picked up some practice trees

    So.. a friend collected some 75 junipers half a decade ago. He was fed up with the hassle of selling them off, and we made a bulk deal. So together with two friends we got a van and drove over to pick up the last 16, as practice material for our three-person 'bonsai club' ;). Looks like loads...
  23. leatherback

    Alternatives to Kaneshin watering cans?

    Dear All, I am installing a few rain barrels as the new dry summers we are getting are causing too much scale buildup from my bore hole in the pots. So I plan on doing more handwatering. I am now looking at watering cans. As these will find a place between the trees, I prefer to not use the...
  24. leatherback

    Visit Bonsai Werktstatt Dusseldorf / Busch

    As some may know, I take classes with Werner Busch. His Bonsai Werkstatt is the base of many bonsai addicts and features a museum, pots and tools section and a large range of trees, ranging from young seedlings to fully styled Yamadori. If in the area it is well worth a visit and all budgets can...
  25. leatherback

    Summer pruning and die-back

    Over the weekend I spent a bit of time getting rid of a major junction on one of my new maples. I received the feedback on fakebook straight away that the trunk would die-back to the roots after the work I did. I was thinking: The whole tree is now actively pushing sugars, nutrients and water...
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