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    Not trident maple?

    So I went to take some cuttings today of what was sold to me as a trident maple but I noted the leaf pattern is alternate, not opposite. Any ideas?
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    Chasing foliage back to the trunk

    When is it appropriate to shorten branches in an effort to get foliage closer to the trunk?I have read lots about the juniper dependance on foliage for health and that a bare branch will not push new growth, but if I cut back the branch in the picture to the first flush of foliage will it force...
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    Problem with trident and what to do?

    Attached are pictures of an ailing trident. The second one is for reference and has been treated the same as far as watering etc goes. We have had a few tough winters and both were root pruned this spring but the ailing one was slower to come back. Now, for no apparent reason all the leaves are...
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    Itoigawa juniper cutting advice

    So I took these cuttings in June of this year and put them in perlite about 2" deep in a shady area of the garden. Not much seems to be happening yet, I have been misting almost daily but I am starting to wonder about winter. I have done a veeeery gentle pull test but it didn't tell me anything...
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    Juniper questions for relative newcomer

    I potted this juniper up in the spring , a very cool and wet spring and I have some concerns with it's current state of health. You can see from the pictures that there are some light coloured and brown tips and the tree has not put on any growth this year. Temperatures so far have remained in...
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    Trident trunk thickening question

    Hi, I have a number of trident whips in the ground to thicken up the trunks. I just read on Peter Tea's Blog that for branch bases to thicken you need to remove side branches and only keep the terminal branch. Is that the same with trunks? Should i prune off all side branches in favour of only...