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    Juniper collection, with a good story along with it

    First off, I was tempted to name this thread top notch juniper material, bc I did that when I was new here and made myself feel like an idiot and wanted in some way to redeem this. However, I think if it is anything at all, the difference between what I then considered good to what I now...
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    You have a chance to compact and high-fire anything you want, what do you choose/why?

    So, I speak with the vice-president of a chemical company who sells substrate to a lot of hydroponics companies, farmers & different companies of that nature, and they have been sending me samples of different hydroponics substrates to see if I could use them in my soil. We talk often trying to...
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    What do you think about a scots pine cultivar "hillside creeper" for bonsai?

    A nursery I frequent had a couple of these that have really great potential imo. they have a really great small needle and cone, cool plate like grey bark, and a creeping winding nature, but not altogether prostrate and weak looking like a blue rug or something. kinda semi-prostrate with a...
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    Pumice for sale in the tri-state area...Finally

    After a lot of trial and error, and a thousand phone calls, I have sourced pumice in the mid-Atlantic area. I bought a ton of 1/8-1/4" clean pumice, and want to share it with anyone who needs pumice in the NJ, NY, Conn, Penn, and New England area. The pumice prices I will be selling are 50...
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    Potential Akadama/Bonsai Soil Research

    Hello everyone! ***If you just want to read my questions then skip to the next post, if not, I thought this would be a good time to give my back story as it relates to bonsai, soil and those questions. When I was a little kid growing up in Brooklyn, my parents would take my brother and I...
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    My Christmas neea Buxifolia needs styling advice

    So this is my latest present to myself! I paid the price of $64.99, which i think is good for a 10" diameter tree. I know nothing about this species except that they are tough as nails, but wanted to see if anyone else knows about the species in terms of my area specifically, which is central...
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    Eastern White cedar wintering questions

    So, I spent some time up in Massachusetts and in Maine collecting and hanging with a few Bonsai peeps of mine, and accdoring to them, I should keep both my larch and Eastern white cedar outdoors and unprotected. What do you all feel about this? I moved half inside and out, because I am wary...
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    Ebay actually has something useful, please tell me I'm wrong!!!

    Am I crazy or are these good deals!? Should I get these...
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    I want to record MABS in HD for posterity

    I am getting a CANON EOS M brought to me by Santa this year. As such, I'm most excited about recording bonsai & my dart frogs, in that order. The EOS M is a CSC camera, which is basically a DSLR digital camera (If that is greek to you, then suffice it to say that it has as good a quality as...
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    Advice needed on whether to slip pot a tree now

    hey everybody, I have an old juniper I collected last spring, actually more like late winter as it was in the last week of February. I was using oil-dri as substrate at that time because it was cheap and seemed to work, since then I have switched substrates completely but left the juniper in the...
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    Seived Bonsai Soil for Sale

    Hello all, I have been selling bonsai soil that I mix and sieve myself, there is a good dealer of substrates near me so I buy semi-bulk and it turns out great for me, It is composed of- 1) 5 parts lava rock (1/4 inch and below) 2) 5 parts high-fire clay (montmorr clay) 3) 2 parts argulite...
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    Local Garden's Old Bonsai Collection

    This is truly is my own mini Shangri-La, at a local garden near my house, a well to do businessman passed away and left his bonsai collection in the garden's charge. This collection included about a hundred bonsai, mixed, with both tropical and seasonal trees. The collection has been kept alive...
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    wtb- Chojubai

    I'm looking for chojubai, the cultivar with the jazz like branching and the blood red flowers.
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    semi cascade pussywillow, styling needed, and advice on deadwood maintenance

    So this is a pussywillow of mine, I really like the deadwood on it but its corky in texture and I'm worried about it's longevity so I'd like to protect it (pf petrifier maybe?). Originally the branch now wired down was up above the top jin, but I very slightly bumped it and termites had ripped...
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    bougainvilla leaves yellowing

    here are a few pics, this is happening to a few of the same species in the same greenhouse.
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    Unknown species restyling

    I have two main questions. 1.) Any advice on the restyling 1.a.) Does the pot I showed work for this tree, I do not like it in the rectangular red sharp cornered pot its in now. 2.) Can anyone tell me the species This tree is one of a bunch I will be asking advice on in this...
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    New to site, need advice of the masters on TOPNOTCH Procumbens Pre-Bonsai Stock

    Hello everyone! I have been a Bonsai enthusiast since I can remember, literally, one of my earliest memories is my family taking me to Bonsai of Brooklyn and me hearing the song "Under the Boardwalk" and staring opened jawed at these mystical miniature trees. I felt like a gentle Godzilla, haha...