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  1. TreeKiller64

    getting the CORRECT FELLING.

    Sorry, but I didn't want it to be this BIG, I just needed to ask how you all give you BONSAI a boost into their final; pots to make them Actually look like TREES, ( like J.Naka said).? Nothing more than that. I have a problem with buying the right final pot for the tree and getting the...
  2. TreeKiller64

    getting the CORRECT FELLING.

    If you don't understand my simple thread from the beginning ( to just get my trees into a reasonable look) than all you so co called experts can KMA! all my love sincerely ( I've been doing Bonsai more than some of you have been ALIVE) Thanks again. KJ
  3. TreeKiller64

    getting the CORRECT FELLING.

    Perhaps when I can RETIRE from my usual JOB ( a 27 yr military and war veteran) that I can on the same focus as you ALL! Thanks for your HELP!
  4. TreeKiller64

    getting the CORRECT FELLING.

    Sorry to be so BIZZY in my other WORLD, but I thought I could get hints fro of you self-proclaimed experts. so the next time I post some STUPID questions on this site I SHALL post pictures, I thought the so-called EXPERTS could give me a hint on hoe to re-position my trees in their pots. Sorry...
  5. TreeKiller64

    getting the CORRECT FELLING.

    I would like to ask those who have knowledge, on how to plant a Bonsai and make it look like a TREE? I know the basics and then some, but am having troubles to get the proper height and depth of some of my Bonsai in their pots. I have a ton of good looking Bonsai ready for their FINAL pots, but...
  6. TreeKiller64

    What about a Pear?

    Okay, for anyone who has followed my threads knows I like to CHALLENGE you thoughts and MINDS on Bonsai. John Naka was 1 of my GREAT Influence of Bonsai when he said to make your Bonsai looks like trees not you trees into Bonsai, He and others like Jerry Stowell pushed me into using MORE NATIVE...
  7. TreeKiller64

    White Poplar Bonsai?

    Replies too,, As far as the threads from Walter P's I'm not sure if that is the same poplar that WE have here. Mine is a White poplar (Populus alba), Walter's is a Silver, here's the WIKI that you can get online you can also get info from the USDA...
  8. TreeKiller64

    What about a White Oak?

    It's a WHITE Oak, its has the rounded Lobed leaves, I'm hoping to allow the brancehs to thicken up a few years then do a drastic chop down to the basic form. it has tiny acorns this year but the branching now is totally out of proportion. I'll be send photos soon!! Photos for me can be a...
  9. TreeKiller64

    Maples of a different color,

    I have been training a few Not-Your-Everyday maples, and was wondering if anyone else have tried these? Sugar Maple? Norway Maple? Silver Maple? If so send me a few tips on what you have encountered. Thanks Sincerely KJ
  10. TreeKiller64

    What about a White Oak?

    Has anybody had, have, or tried using White Oak for material? I have been training one for about 15 years now, it has a nice trunk going but I'm working on the branching and sub-branching. It's a SLOOOOOOOOOOOW process.
  11. TreeKiller64

    White Poplar and those who dis-belive,,

    I think I've had this tree about 10 years, I got it and a few more from a Massive growth out where I work it was about a pencil thin taper at the time. I found this tree can be complicated at time, doesn't take well to pruning, like water, and could prob use almost 2 transplanting a year. They...
  12. TreeKiller64

    White Poplar and those who dis-belive,,

    I think if I could spend some time I could possibly shorten the inter node length, the tree took a hit last year's heat wave, I just let it grow out a bit and recover.I'm afraid of it suckering along the root system like it's parent tree which I collected it from.Any help here on the shortening...
  13. TreeKiller64

    White Poplar and those who dis-belive,,

    Sorry for the Wait, Sorry for the wait, gets kinda busy being in the military, but here it is, I did have those in the past ( which shall remain nameless) who have said a White Poplar, wouldn't make a good bonsai. let me know what you think? Sorry, not the best at photography.
  14. TreeKiller64

    White Poplar and those who dis-belive,,

    i have a FEW Silvers too,,, and I know the diff, this is a white, Hope your's is growing well.
  15. TreeKiller64

    Twisted little potentilla

    They can get LEGGY,,, REAL LEGGY, keep it pruned back, and work on the top. It's a GREAT START!!!
  16. TreeKiller64

    White Poplar and those who dis-belive,,

    OKAY, this goes out to the one who have doubts about a white poplar (ALBUS spp) that can become a reasonable looking BONSAI. I'll have pictures tmorrow. (after this STORM) LOL!;)
  17. TreeKiller64

    Midwest Aug. Bonsai 8/17-8/19

    Was a Great show,,, got another Great looking S. Rayner pot (like there are anything less) and seen some great trees. My only disappointment was and I guess still is the lack of material that is grown locally in the area of these shows. ie; chicago show= usda zone 5 . KJ
  18. TreeKiller64

    My Variegated forest

    Here's a picture of my Variegated Ficus Forest, I know this breaks some of the traditional rules, but when I purchased the trees they were originally going to be simply house plants. So tell me what you think.:confused: Thanks, KJ
  19. TreeKiller64

    Eastern Red will it be worth the effort?

    I am attaching a photo of an Eastern Red Cedar that I'm working on. I am asking you if it is going to look like it will be worth the effort? Thanks Again, KJ:cool:
  20. TreeKiller64

    My Plaited Weeping Fig is it worth the effort?

    Attached is a picture of my Plaited Weeping Fig, the 2 original trunks have fused together. I am wondering if it will be worth the effort to continue with this tree?:cool: Thanks,, KJ
  21. TreeKiller64

    Can hackberry hack the heat?

    My is doing fine,, here in mid-illinois, with all the heat 100+ just been watering twice a day to compensate, also got a drip pan under the pot.
  22. TreeKiller64

    White Poplar Bonsai?

    Has anyone tried a white poplar as a bonsai?
  23. TreeKiller64

    Eastern Red Cedars

    I say yes to trying a challenging Tree like this, go for it.. (Besides I have several in my collection some already over 10yrs)
  24. TreeKiller64

    Anyone Recognize This Signature?

    Did you steal it from a night at the local 'Howard Johnson's" LOL! HJ?
  25. TreeKiller64

    Poor Mans Pot (Casserole dish)

    Not sure if you have plastic Milk boxes in Ireland, But I've heard that they can make pretty good training pots. You'll just have to use some kind of mesh for the bottom of the box, and once again I've heard that you can use a circular saw with a plywood blade put on backwards to cut the box...