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  1. Bonsai Nut

    Picea abies Nidiformis

    Somewhat of a derail, but every time I see a Norway spruce my head hurts. Whoever named Norway spruce "Picea abies" (literally "Spruce fir") needs to be tossed into a pile of juvenile juniper foliage!
  2. Bonsai Nut

    Best rodent repellent?

    Consider an electric trap aka "rat zapper". In SoCal we had a problem with tree rats (real rats that lived in palm trees - not squirrels). Concerned about poison use, bought a rat zapper - killed five rats by my koi pond the first night I used it. Safe for kids, pets, and secondary rat body...
  3. Bonsai Nut

    Dwarf mountain mahogany

    Just drag and drop your image from your desktop into your post. Once it is in your post, you can resize it by grabbing one of the corners and dragging diagonally. Super easy... once you know that's what you're supposed to do :)
  4. Bonsai Nut

    Huge Olive Stumps Off Craigslist - Your Opinion?

    The Bonsaiathon doesn't have a competitive show. They have an exhibition of many show quality trees that had won awards in the past. Add to this many workshops, as well as numerous demos, a large vendor area, and the social activities. They are trying to be very welcoming to beginners, while...
  5. Bonsai Nut

    Fukien cuttings - now what ?

    Good for you with your cuttings - indoors and off-season! The biggest question is going to be: where are you keeping them? As full tropicals, if you have a greenhouse or grow setup with artificial lighting, you can repot at any time... and that time would be NOW :) If you look at your...
  6. Bonsai Nut

    Mountain Meadows Nursery - why are you not visiting yet?

    Did you mention that you knew me and ask for the "bonsainut 10% discount"? :)
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    Huge Olive Stumps Off Craigslist - Your Opinion?

    I don't know how many local shows you go to, but try to make the GSBF SoCal events and you will meet the same people over and over :) Go to the Bonsaiathon in the spring up at the Huntington Gardens in Pasadena. Whatever you do, plan to stay for the Saturday night dinner and silent auction...
  8. Bonsai Nut

    Bonsai on the Road?

    Depends if you own property. If you own property, stick a bunch of trees in the ground, and come back to rough prune them once per year. After 10 years on the road you will come home to some big trees! :) I know a guy who did just that before he went into the military. 200 bloodgood maple...
  9. Bonsai Nut

    Dormant spray for juniper?

    Make sure you read the instructions, treat when you are supposed to, and avoid use on sensitive plants. For example, depending what you read, some junipers / all junipers are sensitive to horticultural oils. I never used traditional oils on my junipers, but have in the past used neem oil...
  10. Bonsai Nut

    Repot timing for procumbens nana in southern California

    You want to wait until they are waking up from dormancy... but not much longer. In SoCal the issue is never going to be the cold - it will be getting the repotted tree established before the heat and dry of the summer. My cork bark Chinese elms were some of the first things to come out of...
  11. Bonsai Nut

    Confusing seed propagation

    (1) Just to clarify your first point... there is no "kid". When you graft a scion or root a cutting, you are simply continuing the growth of the source material, albeit on new roots (either their own new roots, or the roots of a host). Some people like to think of them as "clones" but even...
  12. Bonsai Nut

    65 yr old $5,049.95 Shimpaku sold!!

    "Arrangement". Yes... she would offer them for sale before she bought them from him, and only buy them if they sold. Because she was shipping, she was selling to a market outside of the local area, so he benefited by selling more trees. However I found it interesting... because depending...
  13. Bonsai Nut

    65 yr old $5,049.95 Shimpaku sold!!

    It's a shimpaku twist grown in that style by humans. Take a shimapku whip, wire it, come back in a couple years and remove the wire. In this case it doesn't even look like it was wired - it might have simply been wrapped around a bamboo stick. Other than that, I can see no real sign of it...
  14. Bonsai Nut

    Unhealthy Shimpaku

    If it turns back and forth yellow, does it turn yellow when you give it stronger sunlight?
  15. Bonsai Nut

    Unhealthy Shimpaku

    As you are finding out, every tree is unique. I don't care if you are dealing with 10 clones that are all cuttings from the exact same tree; they will all be different in one way or another. I am curious about his shimpaku because it is turning yellow. If the foliage were dying it would...
  16. Bonsai Nut

    The California juniper after almost 12 years

    I wouldn't say they are "turning to" it. They've been doing it long before I moved to California. If the only thing you value in California juniper is the deadwood, then graft away! It is a ton of labor however. I know that Gary Ishii stopped doing so - because he found that he couldn't make...
  17. Bonsai Nut

    Lemon Tree Question

    Rainwater should have a pH of around 5.5 unless you live in an area with a lot of air pollution. Depending on the type of pollution, only then might you see pH drop as low as 4.0 (so-called "acid rain"). If you lived in an area where this was an issue, I'm pretty sure you'd already be aware of...
  18. Bonsai Nut

    Doomed Chinese Elm Branch

    I wouldn't. The sooner the better on major work like that. I can't see his cuts, but if they aren't sealed he might find his bark dies back pretty far down the stump.
  19. Bonsai Nut

    New to Bonsai from NJ

    It looks humidity triggered (?) Put that little succulent outside and those will be gone in a nanosecond.
  20. Bonsai Nut

    Doomed Chinese Elm Branch

    The top of the trunk you cut perpendicular to the trunk (a flat cut). That will take a long time to heal, if ever. You are far better off cutting at a sharp angle (greater than 45 degrees) even though it initially makes the cut site larger. Make sure you face the cut towards the back of the...
  21. Bonsai Nut

    What to do with Katsura

    It's a nice healthy tree. If you just want to prune the branches that extend outside of the foliage silhouette (to tidy it up) that's fine, but that won't make your tree a bonsai. It will make it a nice tree in a pot. Bonsai is all about trying to make your tree look like a large tree in...
  22. Bonsai Nut

    How much $$$ is Bjorn worth?

    We are talking about two different people(?) This thread is about Bjorn Bjorholm - Eiesi-en Bonsai. Though it doesn't seem to be really "about" him... since many of the people posting have never met him... they are just commenting on his videos(?)
  23. Bonsai Nut

    Ever Use Ice To Stimulate Cold Dormancy/Chill Hours

    I agree - having tried, and failed, with some trees that clearly weren't suitable for Southern California. The best example I can think of is every Christmas when the big box stores fill up with small potted "Christmas trees" that people buy because they would rather have a "live tree" than a...
  24. Bonsai Nut

    The cooking thread

    I didn't think anyone cared, LOL! I saw the thread this weekend, and happened to be working on house plans and remodeling, and the first thought that popped into my mind was "appliance shopping list". I was like "this isn't about what your kitchen looks like - it's a cooking thread" so I...
  25. Bonsai Nut

    The cooking thread

    Are you sure? I seem to always recall it being named "the cooking thread" :) Any mention of "what's in your kitchen" is strictly something your mind made up :)