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    Collecting. With or without permission?

    There is a small debate going on else where about collecting. Do you collect without out permission if you know you will be denied such permission or do you leave the tree where it is? What if the tree is a pest species?
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    Wisteria cuttings and rot.

    I have a number of wisteria cuttings of different sizes, anyone have trouble with rot on theirs and what did they do to combat it?
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    Information on Allepo's as bonsai.

    I have been given what I think is an Allepo pine, which has a rather thick trunk for the size pot its been in. I'm looking for some clarification and information on the species. It is a two needle pine, the needles are very thin. The tree is in a rubbish state, but I can see a few small...
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    Ficus'ly difficult challenges...

    I collected these two ficus on the first day of autumn. I'm lucky though as we have two more months or grow time remaining. Basically these were ex topary. Pompom tree's, a curse we do not wish onto any tree. I want to give them both a new life as bonsai. My first challenge, how to work...
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    Nejikan "twisted trunk"

    I have a root cutting i took from a flowering plum tree. I was thinking of going the Nejikan style but don't know really were to begin. The bark of the tree goes well with the slightly delusional vision.... I also have no found too many really good examples of it. Any one given this style a...
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    My first Yanidori Teatree

    Here is my first collected tree. Collected from a real estate agency. I got permission and replaced it with another. They were so pleased i have another teatree to collect and also a very very large juniper (trunk we think will be atleast 9"). We sprayed foliage with stress guard, planted...
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    I was hunting bonsai magazines today online and didnt find a great deal. I searched then for australian based webzines and also found nothing. I was looking for JBP articles that would relate to my area. So, I plan to start my own. Right now Im researching set outs ect, what i should have...
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    What to do with a JBP.

    I was given this JBP for Christmas, I think it was a good pick, has nice taper on it, decent low branches. While i am a black pine newbie, I'm not afraid to admit I am also a bonsai newbie too. What's the best course of action with this pine? What reading is recommended? What would others...