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    Fat Collected Elm

    I didn't find much time to do a whole lot of collecting this year but did get a chance to collect this elm from my property this year over the weekend. Still on the fence what kind of elms I keep pulling from the ground, slippery or American. 1/2 liter bottle for size ref. I'm excited to see...
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    Newly acquired Yatsubusa this spring. I'm excited about this little fat guy.
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    New Hornbeam this spring

    Couple photos of an American Hornbeam I acquired this spring.
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    Columnar Hornbeam

    Has anyone tried the Columnar variety of European Hornbeam as bonsai? I picked up a few from my local garden nursery last year and stuck them in the ground uncertain of what I wanted to do with them. Today I picked up 5 more and will use these and the other 3 as a hedge. They have a 4/4.5"...
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    Barberry Literati

    I collected this barberry last spring and this past week decided to make this multi-trunk into a literati. I chopped a couple trunks and thinned it out and potted it in a Chuck Iker pot.
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    Another collected Elm

    I collected another elm stump yesterday growing on my property. It's short, fat, and ugly. We'll see what comes of it. I don't know if it's American, Slippery, or Siberian.
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    Elm, Small Backyard Yamadori

    I dug up this elm in my yard yesterday. I tried unsuccessfully ground-layering the tree last year as it was growing within the roots of a privet and was a complete cluster-f&*k. I decided to remove the two and separate and place in containers. I'm guessing this is a Siberian, perhaps Slippery...
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    Mid-America Bonsai Exhibit

    Anyone going to this or showing any trees (August 20-22)?
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    Amur Maple, next trunk leader?

    Here is an Amur maple that I purchased discounted last fall. Just nursery stock. I did some chops this spring and have two good shoots to decide from to keep next spring. I'm rather undecided. It has a 3" base.
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    Barberry, decision next spring

    Here is a barberry I dug this spring. I would like to make a trunk line decision next spring and I'm torn between these two virtuals. The base is 4". Any input is welcomed.
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    A few newer material obtained this year (ponderosa, corkbark elm, american hornbeam)

    Here are a few of my newer pieces of material that I obtained this spring/summer and just allowing to grow until at least next year...Ponderosa, Corkbark Elm, and American Hornbeam.
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    Elm Ground Layer

    A few weeks ago I posted an elm growing in my yard and was undecided with steps I should take. I decided to move forward. A few weeks ago I decided to try an experiment. What you see in these images is a species of elm that naturalized within some of my massive privet hedges. I've seen a...
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    Help Identifying, Slippery Elm Perhaps?

    I spotted this in my hedges this past fall and lost out on the opportunity to dig it this spring. Years of getting whacked by the weed-whip and cut back haphazardly led to some interesting growth. The base is basically just a big ugly burl. The leaves are quite rough on both sides and I...
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    Logs in Pots?!

    OK...perhaps I will get laughed and ridiculed at for my lack of horticulture knowledge but I'm posting this to perhaps learn something regarding this topic. Over Easter weekend I was exploring a relative's property for potential collecting material. I couldn't find anything worth digging...
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    Collected Maple

    I just collected this native wild maple today from my neighbor's property. Judging by the number of Norway maples in the area, I'm assuming it is of that species. The tree had a lot of movement when I pushed on it while it was in the ground and as I removed soil I noticed it was growing over...
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    Another Berberis Yamadori

    Here is another one of my barberries I lifted from the ground on my property this evening. I'm not quite sure what the future might hold for this one (clump/multi-trunk). I didn't want to cut back too much of the larger trunks until I figure out a design down the road and also ensure that it...
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    Dieter Rams doing Bonsai

    Here is a clip of Dieter Rams (designer of Braun) doing bonsai. This is a clip from his documentary. It's only a small portion of him doing bonsai but nice to hear about the application of design in everything around us as the arts overlap and his discussion of fundamentals of good design. I...
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    Newly Collected Berberis

    Here is a newly collected Berberis of mine. I dug it out of my landscape today. As you can see there is nothing to work with lower on the trunks. I hacked a lot off today and was wondering if I can go further at this time or let it be for a season? I am including 3 virtuals I quickly drew...
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    Urban Yamadori?

    Was in a Chicago suburb over the weekend for a wedding and saw this tree in front of the hotel. It caught my eye and I kept returning to it and took some photos with my camera phone. I don't know what kind of pine it is and made me wonder at what stage the tree was when it was planted as it...
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    Barberry Potential

    Hello, Here I have a barberry that has been in my landscape well before we moved in over 5 years ago. It's base is over 5" in thickness with a nice ugly trunk and heavily textured bark. I see some potential as bonsai in it if I can tame it and address some of the awkwardness of it. It is in...
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    Maple Virtuals

    Hello, I'm new here and it's my first year getting into bonsai. I am posting a few virtuals that I came up with. They aren't of the best material but I need to start somewhere. Two are of Amur maples I purchased this fall at a garden center and the other is probably a Norway (growing on a...