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    The quotes thread

    Earth without art is just Eh...
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    Pumice for sale in the tri-state area...Finally

    RESTOCKED, Clean Pumice back up for sale! I know this is late coming but it was a pleasure meeting both Paradox and Fangorn, both really cool people and awesome to hang out with. We both got to talking for a while, and as usual, it was a pleasure shooting the shit with other nuts!!! Also...
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    east coaster looking for a palette of pumice

    Very cool thing to do ibnozn, thanks for picking up the post from coh, of which this is first i've seen... Sorry about that coh, I would have done it much sooner but your post slipped by me. It was really cool meeting you ibnozn, I love whenever anyone who is into bonsai comes and buys...
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    My packed yard 2014 :)

    Very cool raw material Poink88, lots of potential there!
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    What would you do?

    isn't this great news... Shit I just found out about this oh man as if battling widespread disease isn't enough, ok I'm officially worried, how the heel do I lug in 50+ >100lb trees =/ Wish me luck fellow nutters, and I wish you all luck also that couldn't lug yours in time. I hope lady...
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    collected mulberry

    update? Catfish, I searched mulberry to find info to help me with mine and found this little beauty, how is it? It has an awesome wildness about it...
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    Juniper collection, with a good story along with it

    Oh wtf Poink88, way to syke me up for nothing!!! Can I special request your steroids info via pm!? I have learned to test any advice on roots cutting or low value stuff and trust in the ole, "if I have seen it with my own eyes" adage. So I won't let anything die from your info, at least...
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    Pumice for sale in the tri-state area...Finally

    all past orders filled, all-new orders are on temporary standby =/ Sucks to have to say this but Paradox, I have your order and fangorn's for 50 lbs but unfortunately I cannot guarantee any other new orders at this time. The supplier has an issue that apparently may NOT get me my new order...
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    Juniper collection, with a good story along with it

    On another note, the mulberry just popped out buds today, so I guess now I can start talking/doing work to it? Any suggestions? An I crazy or does mulberry have strong enough wood for jin and Shari? I'm a pretty big noob at bonsai, so if you guys tell me step by step to ramify/develop the...
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    Juniper collection, with a good story along with it

    trying bonide but should I use a suffocation based oil on newly collected trees!? Fore, I was under the impression that juniper scale was to be treated differently... To sharpen my question a bit, I'm wondering whether a horticultural oil like bonide should be used on recently collected...
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    Juniper collection, with a good story along with it

    help me!!! I'm worried about all my conifers, the second paragraph refers issue These all seem to be still alive, as I have one which lost a branch and it is noticeably differently dry from the rest. I see the cuts on the mulberry need cleaning, and the wood seems to be acting like dead wood...
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    What do you think about a scots pine cultivar "hillside creeper" for bonsai?

    That is very cool looking fourteen! Sorry for still not posting mine, I'm having serious juniper scale issues on all my conifer, and I'm battling them with all my spare time right now...
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    Juniper collection, with a good story along with it

    Poink88 I would agree that we do :) Don I was thinking the same thing but also hoping it would sport from somewhere closer on the trunk better suited or is that wishful thinking? I say this because I actually like the foliage, it's tight adult foliage that only can be separated from shimp by...
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    Juniper collection, with a good story along with it

    Poink88, you r right I can be tenacious, most especially on things I feel passionate about/people tell me I can't do it... RK, I agree it's a good score and I'm happy with these, they do look a lot like your pictures however it is a like difficult to tell because mine are almost completely...
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    The Tree Thread

    I spent no less than a few hours looking at all the awesome pictures in this thread, this rule should exist for every thread... Here is an elm I just repotted the other day, was wondering what it was for a long time until the repot when I found the classic white stick in the dirt plastic sign...
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    Juniper collection, with a good story along with it

    First off, I was tempted to name this thread top notch juniper material, bc I did that when I was new here and made myself feel like an idiot and wanted in some way to redeem this. However, I think if it is anything at all, the difference between what I then considered good to what I now...
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    Wire cutter wish list.

    Dude, I am the exact same way haha, always sharpening, oiling, arranging... love my tools...
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    White Cedar Yamadori

    real beauty fourteener! absolutely great, I like the back better myself only because of the live veins' connection and meandering. But nevertheless both the tree is gorgeous, although it does kinda look to me like the deadwood is humping the live vein :P
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    Is Nick Lenz's Book Outdated?

    amkhalid hit it on the head, Nick's specialization is definitely Larch and Thuja, both of which are greatly explored and a wealth of good info is in his book on those species. As an eastern collector, his info on thuja and communis has been my bible (unfortunately I cannot keep larch alive near me).
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    MABS Spring Festival 2014

    coh that really is a great part of MABS, seeing the artists candidly working on trees after the demo, working at their own pace, and they answer question/talk with you etc.
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    Sierra Juniper Got its First Pot

    this is a really nice tree, congrats!
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    Possible needle cast

    I thought I saw a white shell in your first picture like the kind my scots pine had, I thought it was a type of scale. It gave me the same type of yellow spots after they sucked down the sap on a part of a leaf but didn't kill it, Do you see other white shells like that?
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    A question for Vance Wood

    Frankly, I think bonsai nut as a group should publish a book, there is such a wealth of knowledge here it needs to be organized and made easily available. Vance, I recently mentioned to you that people on here respected you and thought you were awesome, to which you said nawww, you stand...
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    Why I don't use turface anymore (with pics)

    I also pulled turface from my soil mix and the soil I'm selling, after seeing how my trees responsed to it, I felt I had to pull it. Nothing flourished in turface by itself, everything with pumice by itself flourished. My supplier of pumice has offered me a fired clay about 1/4" clean, but I...
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    winged elm

    I like this tree and I don't think you should shorten it one bit, it has a nice wild feel to it with the scar on the right, removing that removes it's uniqueness imho, congratulations it is a lil beaut! Scar and all :)