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  1. TreeKiller64

    getting the CORRECT FELLING.

    I would like to ask those who have knowledge, on how to plant a Bonsai and make it look like a TREE? I know the basics and then some, but am having troubles to get the proper height and depth of some of my Bonsai in their pots. I have a ton of good looking Bonsai ready for their FINAL pots, but...
  2. TreeKiller64

    What about a Pear?

    Okay, for anyone who has followed my threads knows I like to CHALLENGE you thoughts and MINDS on Bonsai. John Naka was 1 of my GREAT Influence of Bonsai when he said to make your Bonsai looks like trees not you trees into Bonsai, He and others like Jerry Stowell pushed me into using MORE NATIVE...
  3. TreeKiller64

    Maples of a different color,

    I have been training a few Not-Your-Everyday maples, and was wondering if anyone else have tried these? Sugar Maple? Norway Maple? Silver Maple? If so send me a few tips on what you have encountered. Thanks Sincerely KJ
  4. TreeKiller64

    What about a White Oak?

    Has anybody had, have, or tried using White Oak for material? I have been training one for about 15 years now, it has a nice trunk going but I'm working on the branching and sub-branching. It's a SLOOOOOOOOOOOW process.
  5. TreeKiller64

    White Poplar and those who dis-belive,,

    OKAY, this goes out to the one who have doubts about a white poplar (ALBUS spp) that can become a reasonable looking BONSAI. I'll have pictures tmorrow. (after this STORM) LOL!;)
  6. TreeKiller64

    My Variegated forest

    Here's a picture of my Variegated Ficus Forest, I know this breaks some of the traditional rules, but when I purchased the trees they were originally going to be simply house plants. So tell me what you think.:confused: Thanks, KJ
  7. TreeKiller64

    Eastern Red will it be worth the effort?

    I am attaching a photo of an Eastern Red Cedar that I'm working on. I am asking you if it is going to look like it will be worth the effort? Thanks Again, KJ:cool:
  8. TreeKiller64

    My Plaited Weeping Fig is it worth the effort?

    Attached is a picture of my Plaited Weeping Fig, the 2 original trunks have fused together. I am wondering if it will be worth the effort to continue with this tree?:cool: Thanks,, KJ
  9. TreeKiller64

    White Poplar Bonsai?

    Has anyone tried a white poplar as a bonsai?
  10. TreeKiller64

    Prunus Americana American Plum

    Has anyone created or worked with the American Plum? I have one for about 6+ years and have it in a 15 gal pot. I think its time to do something with it, (more than in the past 5yrs). It's in an upright/ Broom style. I would like to either reduce the total height by air-layer or cut-down. Or the...
  11. TreeKiller64

    Traditional Bonsai VS Chinese?

    So where now is the line between the traditionalist (Japanese) of Bonsai vs the Chinese way of Pen Jing? I've been wondering for about the last 15 years. I've been told what I do is wrong in certain circles,(that's the NICE WAY) and to been totally kicked to the CURB(in others). I have a problem...
  12. TreeKiller64

    Other Elms in Zone 5 Illinois?

    Are there any other people trying out Other Elms ie; Siberian and such in my zone?
  13. TreeKiller64

    Indoor display

    I was wondering if anyone could or has the web site(s) or info where I may find some good examples of a tokonome? I'm remodeling my downstairs and want to build one into the room. Thanks.
  14. TreeKiller64

    Poison Ivy?

    What about a Poison Ivy? I have my trees outside and during a summer or 2 ago I had a female friend ask if my trees are real. well she snatched off a few leaves without asking, (not a friend anymore) but i decided to curb people's need to get a quick feel of my trees. so while I was helping a...
  15. TreeKiller64

    Ash, anyone?

    Does or has anyone tried to grow with an Ash tree? White or green?
  16. TreeKiller64

    Training of Bonsai for the new,,

    I have a question. I've been into Bonsai, and have given demos on Bonsai, and have referred to other clubs and people on Bonsai, so my question is where do I go from here, my approach to Bonsai may not and is not in the traditional approach to Bonsai. But I would like to know how should I handle...
  17. TreeKiller64

    New Pot(s) for training a Cascade

    Question,, how do you feel about starting a new or perspective cascade Bonsai in a PVC pipe? If you can stabilize the training pot (PVC) and give it the drainage it needs, than later when the tree has become accustomed to growing in that way, and then re-planting it into a Bonsai pot?
  18. TreeKiller64

    So what is POTS and what was POTS?

    Hey I gotta a question, With all the GREAT bonsai Pots , and the NEW designs for POTS,, What is a Pot, you see I have a niec that is an Art Major in ceramics, and she and I would like to start to develop pots,, for my trees, at first but maybe for some trees that aren't in the NORM of Bonsai...
  19. TreeKiller64

    Where to sell, auction, barter?

    Ok, so for me its been a rocky road for about the last 3-4 yrs. I am wondering where is a reputable dealer to sell off some of my older, Bonsai? I can and will regain what is, and has been lost again. but I could use the money, and the space for other issues in my life. Granted,, I am no IDIOT...
  20. TreeKiller64

    Siberian or Dwarf Birch? Anyone?

    Hey, I am wondering if anyone has worked with Siberian Birch? Betula nana? Its finally time to re-plant a tree I bought years ago (about 5) and made it into a raft. It has grown well and has 5 distinct tree in the planting. But now I'm mulling over the idea of splitting the group up and...
  21. TreeKiller64

    Jap. Holly for Bonsai?

    Hey has anyone ever tried a Jap. Holly (I have researched the exact variety yet), for a Bonsai? I just got out of class tonight and the teacher asked if anyone wanted a holly that was originally suppose to be planted on the grounds. Well for me ,,, Free is always good. ( I got a Black gum this...
  22. TreeKiller64

    nyssa sylvatica Questions????

    Hey All, I'm particularly asking Vance W. this one. But anyone may chime in. First let me digress. In a few short weeks in will be spring, My college Hort teacher has given me the green light to grub up a nyssa sylvatica that she no longer wants in the tree I.D. garden. The tree has a 1-3"...