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  1. CWTurner

    Hornbeam Scouting -> collecting Spring ‘21

    Ive had super bad luck collecting these from N. PA. Do a search on collecting these, there is good info here, and they get treated differently from other deciduous trees. Best of luck CW
  2. CWTurner

    I neglected my trees this summer

    Outstanding @Sunwyrm ! I really like the way you managed the edges of the pond and didn't just line up flat rocks, as is often the case. Very naturalistic. And the large stone on the bottom of the pond is a revelation. I like that a lot. Only thing that would make it better would be if the...
  3. CWTurner

    Common Pear

    Sorry. I should have begun by saying "Nice work on the tree. Love the color." CW
  4. CWTurner

    The Hemlock (Tsuga) Discussion THREAD.

    Biggest problem is that I can't get them to backbud. I think that is pretty much universal with Eastern Hemlock. And this year the Spotted Lanternfly were feeding on some landscape hemlock so there is that to watch out for now. CW Edit I just saw your location, so you likely have Western...
  5. CWTurner

    Common Pear

    @conerDash, do you mind me asking about your roof in the background? Looks to have a pipe rather than a gutter on it. Or is it just a very narrow gutter because of the small roof area? I ask because gutters are a problem for me (lots of trees) and I've thought of using surface tension to...
  6. CWTurner

    The Hemlock (Tsuga) Discussion THREAD.

    I love this species, but they are difficult as bonsai. At least in my unskilled hands. Good luck! CW
  7. CWTurner

    The Hemlock (Tsuga) Discussion THREAD.

    Wow, that's a big one. There is a virgin stand in NE PA at Salt Springs State Park, but I don't remember any that size. CW
  8. CWTurner

    wood for bonsai

    Can we see the other 61 pieces for comparison? CW
  9. CWTurner

    2020... What a DISAPPOINTING year !!! !!!

    Nice employer. Give them a shout out! CW
  10. CWTurner

    Wintering Shelter

    Put them on the ground on the shady side of the house, cover the pots with mulched leaves. Check on them in Spring. If all your trees are hardy, that's likely all you need. CW
  11. CWTurner

    Any examples of Pitch pine/ Pinus rigida?

    I've looked for these at nurseries, but never see them. Where is the nursery you are referring to? I'm growing some from seeds that I stole collected from roadside trees. CW
  12. CWTurner

    Black Pine Seedling Cuttings

    Yes! Growing season is ending here now. Looking ahead at about 5 months of standstill. CW
  13. CWTurner

    $4 JBP the second half

    @mwar15 Killer lawn! CW
  14. CWTurner

    Best Bonsai find so far.... Literati for free

    Please know that if it is a Hemlock, and I think that it is, back-budding is nearly impossible. Choose your cuts carefully. CW
  15. CWTurner

    Collecting in Pennsylvania

    @jmmzpsu14 Chase Rosade often attends the PBS club meetings. You may see him differently in a non-commerce setting. CW
  16. CWTurner

    Collecting in Pennsylvania

    The guy has the pedigree, and I've not found him to be that way at all. He's a good fellow, but sure you'll get his attention if you're spending, rather than looking for cheap advice. CW
  17. CWTurner

    Please Share your Photos

    Chopping where the right hand is pointing, or the left? CW
  18. CWTurner

    What’s Your Favorite Attire for Watering Bonsai?

    I am on the East coast and the last couple of "clear" sunny days have been overcast from the high level smoke some 3000 miles away! CW
  19. CWTurner

    So, Just Bought A House

    Congrats man! Care to show us the house? CW
  20. CWTurner

    Tsuga #1

    A little vinegar and a toothbrush should clear that up. CW
  21. CWTurner

    Birch identification

    Scratch the bark. If it smells of wintergreen you got a sweet birch. CW
  22. CWTurner

    Life, death and Taxus.

    If it were me, I would cut off that curvy right side branch, and plant the rest of the bush in your garden, Yews are pretty tough in the ground and can take severe cuts, but I haven't had a lot of luck getting them potted. CW
  23. CWTurner

    A Tale of Two Cotoneasters

    OMG, the straight limb on the first one. The horror, the horror. CW
  24. CWTurner

    Looking for inspiration with a silver birch.

    Hey, that;s not bad. More than I thought the tree had to offer. Keep it going. CW
  25. CWTurner

    "All These Children Made of Wood" - New short film featuring Lake Merritt Bonsai Collection and Kathy Shaner

    Just an opinion, and a minority one at that. No offense meant. CW