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  1. BillyBonesBonsai

    The smallest maple here

    Im doing a small tridant, I wanted to see who has tiny maples out there
  2. BillyBonesBonsai

    Its a little to quiet around here

    Is it me or is not much going on
  3. BillyBonesBonsai

    The first cut of a seedling

    When growing from seed when is the best time to make the first cut?
  4. BillyBonesBonsai

    Game eating my trees.

    I have a major problem, i have a bush buck eating my trees..... any suggestions?
  5. BillyBonesBonsai

    Alternative to cut paste??

    What are the Alternatives
  6. BillyBonesBonsai

    Comman hornbeam from seed

    Anyone have some advice for growning this tree from seed
  7. BillyBonesBonsai

    Planting trees outside of the zone.

    So im in Zone 14, if im planting trees from zone 6 what could be the problems?
  8. BillyBonesBonsai

    Any Success with American elms?

    Im looking to grow some from seeds, any advice?
  9. BillyBonesBonsai

    Lavender tree

    This is my Lavender tree its a semi-deciduous tree. Mine has been through a tough time in a move, but i think it will be ok.
  10. BillyBonesBonsai


    This is my Wifes bougainville, it has a serious amount of nodes, can some one give me some guidance
  11. BillyBonesBonsai

    My English oak

    I had harvested this tree about four years ago, a couple weeks ago i decided to put it in a pot. It was the first time i have attempted to pot a English oak and to my shock its pretty woody pretty low, so i had cut it a lot to get it to sit right in the pot. I was sceptical on its chance to...
  12. BillyBonesBonsai

    Monkey just destroyed one of my black monkey thorns

    Monkeys were chasing my cats around and tried to swing around my black monkey thorn and it fell a meter and shattered the pot and snapped the top part of my tree luckily i can just bind it. Hopefully my tree survives.
  13. BillyBonesBonsai

    Weeping boer bean progression

    I have put four weeping boer bean seeds in a tray and I want to do a progression with them and see where it goes. I also did three other types of trees which I will also post.
  14. BillyBonesBonsai

    Berchemia zeyheri (Red ivory) bonsai care

    I don't know if anyone can help me, I have bought a Red ivory which is indigenous to where I live. I have searched the net to find how to look after it, and there is nothing. Does anyone here know anything?
  15. BillyBonesBonsai

    Another ID please

    I have no idea what this could be
  16. BillyBonesBonsai

    help Identify please

    Anyone have any idea what this is.
  17. BillyBonesBonsai

    my little sweet gum

    I got 33 of these little guys for only R100 I decided to put a little one in a pot and see what happens I'm also going to some landscape I reckon
  18. BillyBonesBonsai

    my little weeping boer bean

    I had planted this seed in autumn and now its sprouting. For those unsure of this tree
  19. BillyBonesBonsai

    success with jacaranda

    I know I posted something about this awhile back, but wanted to check again because I found a big sapling in my garden and planning to harvest it. My plan is to make a very large bonsai from it cause I believe that the leaves do not get that small. So has anyone done this? Billy
  20. BillyBonesBonsai

    when autumn comes around

    I recently found some seeds for the camel thorn tree and I was thinking of doing a land scape
  21. BillyBonesBonsai

    My tiny baby black monkey thorn

    I have been playing the survival game for 2 years with this little bad boy. It's getting there with style.
  22. BillyBonesBonsai

    basic wiring

    I know this has must have been posted a lot but anyway, how can I practice wiring and how can I make it easier?
  23. BillyBonesBonsai

    calling my country men, South Africa that is

    Just trying to see who is from my country
  24. BillyBonesBonsai

    Beefwood pine?

    I believe that this is a Beefwood, just to get some conformation. Also I am going for a formal upright am I on the right track?
  25. BillyBonesBonsai

    Black Thorn

    What you guys think. I know it's not the best picture.