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    2010 Bonsai Competition at the North Carolina State Fair

    The North Carolina State Fair was held from Oct 14th-24th. For the first time a Bonsai Division was added to the Flower and Garden Show Competition. Arthur Joura, the Curator of the Bonsai Collection at the North Carolina Arboretum graciously agreed to serve as the judge for this first Bonsai...
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    5 Point Leaf Maple

    Method for ID'ing sweet gum My apologies if someone already mentioned this... I must be honest and say I haven't read every entry in this thread. Quick tip on identifying sweet gum. Pull a fresh green leaf off of the tree in question and crush it in the palm of your hand... if it has a...
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    Black Pine Problem

    I live in NC with a very similar climate to GA. I also use Daconil. If I see cast on a tree I apply Daconil to the entire tree. I reapply after two weeks as a follow up. This seems to work well in controlling the cast.
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    A tricky test ;-)

    Are they are in different types of soil? Different organic components or different Organic to Inorganic ratio? If the amount of water and sunlight are the same then I'm guessing the most obvious and assuming you have an issue with the soil.
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    Back Budding Black Pine?

    fellow TBS member here... Mac, I attended a demonstration with Dana Quattlebaum who runs the nursery at Brussels Bonsai last month in Charlotte at the Bonsai Learning Center. He worked on a beautiful Mikawa JBP. After the demo I was able to discuss with him his approach to growing JBP...
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    Bald Cypress Giant

    Demo by Gary on 03/08/09 in Raleigh, NC Gary visited my club in Raleigh, NC and did a demo for us on Sunday as well as an afternoon workshop on Saturday. Here are a few images of a big BC he worked on at our demo. Gary is a wealth of knowledge on BC. His workshop and demo were...
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    display for discussion

    Some thoughts... Disclaimer... I'm a beginner so take my opinion as just that... the opinion of a beginner. First, I really like the tree... you've done a great job with the branching. For the display. I think its excellent that you've created your own scroll... I couldn't begin to consider...
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    Morris Midget Boxwood

    I agree with your assessment of the branches. At this point I had to work with what the material offered. It definitely would take quite some time to completely grow new branches. I'm hoping when the foliage fills back out that the branch size will be less dominant. We'll have to wait and...
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    Morris Midget Boxwood

    I've had it for three years, but it's 10 years old right now. Morris Midget is similar to a Kingsville boxwood. They grow about an inch a year if you're lucky. The Kingsville has smaller leaves.
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    Morris Midget Boxwood

    In training for three years now. I plan to put into a pot next spring and hopefully will be able to reduce the leaf size a bit once the tree is confined to its pot. Tree stands about 8 Inches from soil line to apex.
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    Black pine from seed

    I'm following Bonsai Today's publication regarding developing JBP from seed. This is the beginning of my fourth year and I thought I'd share some of my results. I started out purchasing 2-0 bareroot seedlings from Musser forests my first year and have continued to order at least fifty 2 year...
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    Name this boxwood variety

    Found this on google microphylla var. japonica 'Morris Midget' "Morris Midget’, a very compact mounded plant, is one of the most compact of all boxwoods. Annual growth of about 1” per year. Originated in the Morris...
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    Name this boxwood variety

    Just wanted to chime in... I have Morris Midget and Kingsville and I must agree with Smoke. This definitely looks like Morris to me. They probably grow about an inch a year if your lucky.
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    Online Pine Study Group

    Excellent Chris. I'm in... I look forward to the first meeting.
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    Cutting back new shoots and re potting Mugos

    There will probably be enough time for new buds to set... but there will not be much growth until the spring. You may want to check out this thread... a lot of info from Vance.
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    Cutting back new shoots and re potting Mugos

    I believe Vance would suggest you prune and repot in mid-summer. I think doing it now might be a little bit early. I pruned and repotted three mughos early last summer and lost one of them. The one I lost was the only one I attempted to wire. The other two are doing fairly well, but I didn't...
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    So quiet part II

    Get a new browser...
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    Chikugo-En Bonsai Nursery

    I'm from NC and was visiting family in CA and couldn't pass up the opportunity to visit some bonsai nurseries during my visit. After a few U-Turns I made it to Chikugo-En. I stopped in at Sunflower garden nursery assuming I had found Chikugo-En. They graciously directed me to Chikugo-En...
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    Debate Poll

    The truth Ok. I've only been reading bonsai forums for about three years now and I've finally reached a point where I'm ready to share an observation. As some have previously suggested it is clear that unmoderated forums quickly become useless. Of course the other extreme is just as bad...
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    Debate Poll

    Thanks Dave. My thoughts exactly.
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    Super Shots

    Rick, I'm sorry. I thought you were just selecting the "export as html page" option which allows you to select a template which could be a highslide template (That can be found on the internet with a google search). Then you can upload these generated files to your web server for viewing...
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    Super Shots

    After exporting the files to a local folder on your computer you then have to take these "exported" files generated by Picasa and upload them to a web server. There are many options with regards to web hosting services... I'll end here. Good luck.
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    New messageboards?

    Of course, ultimately this is your site. My two cents is remember the name of this site "BonsaiNut". Adding Koi/Pond and Japanese Garden forums will take up space that you have to pay for on the server. There are plenty of other forums out there on these subjects. I think I would just keep...
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    Cristmas get-together with ginger cookies and esthetics

    Trunkline Ok. I'm not completely sure what was expected here, but here's something to get some discussion started. The first image is the original virt as presented. In the second image I've extended and jinned the low sweeping branch a bit as well as added a small back branch ( darker...
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    Cristmas get-together with ginger cookies and esthetics

    Just a quick FYI. Here is a free Paint program that was originally written by several college undergrads as a senior design project. They are still maintaining it today. I use this program often. It's basically Paint on steroids, and it has layering.