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    Is the current bonsai instructional system broken?

    I’m going to start this thread by stating that I’ve spent the last 7 years traveling to teach bonsai in most of America save California, Maine, Iowa, and I think one of the states in New England. So, as part of the system, I’ve had an inside look at things. My sincere hope for this thread...
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    Asheville Bonsai Expo 2019

    Some photos from this year. Overall quality quite high. Someone else can photograph everything. These were my faves:
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    Midwest Bonsai Exhibition

    Photos have been posted by others, but I felt like sharing my experience of the show. Quality overall was much higher this year than in the past 4 or 5 I’ve attended. Here are my favorite photos from the exhibit:
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    ALT-Bonsai - A Nick Lenz Retrospective

    ALT-Bonsai - A Nick Lenz Retrospective This event will kick off October 26th at the National Bonsai and Penjing Museum in Washington, D.C. and run until mid November (TBD). Nick has been an influential figure in New England bonsai. Nick's bonsai, sculpture, paintings, etc will be on display...
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    Quality Deciduous Pre-shohin and Medium size

    If you grow your own material at home and sell wholesale, please pm me. I’ve pretty much fully parked it in Nashville. 7 years was enough o_O. Looking for some suppliers. I can get you started if willing to put in the work. Thanks!
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    Suggestions for BNut

    It would be great if there was a beginner primer of some good threads that explain basic bonsai practices. That way they could be directed to the content already. Even a list of threads or links to basic stuff would be nice.
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    Bonsai Empire 20 Years Trophy Best Of

    Definitely worth checking out.
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    Porcelain Berry from coh

    Here’s the porcelain berry pic as requested from @coh . I collected it from his yard during the 2016 National Show. It had 9 or so trunks, and I had no experience collecting big ones eating a whole fence. Spring of 2017 some sort of borer annihilated most of the trunks and started the wood...
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    Bonsai Connect

    Hello all, @Bonsainut was kind enough to allow me to post this. It's my pleasure to announce the launch of a new website called Bonsai Connect. This service will allow bonsai professionals and bonsai vendors to connect with the bonsai community on a personal level using Skype, FaceTime, and...
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    Beware of El Choppo

    A Colombian cartel boss has taken up bonsai. Please be advised that he has unlimited reach and is not only a troll, but a sociopath as well. Please do not confront him on this site. He goes by "El Choppo"
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    Seed Prep

    This is the time of year I sow seeds in Nashville. Generally speaking, the book Dirr's Manual of Woody Lanscape Plant Propagation is a relaible resource for seed prep; stratification and scarification to be exact. Asexual propagation techniques are excellent. This post is about a little...
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    Lacebark Pine - Pinus bungeana

    This is a progression post for my Lacebark pine. Here is a brief history up until now: Purchased 2008 Repotted from 3 gallon in nursery soil to bonsai mix 2009 All branches shortened close to trunk Spring 2010 Tree given to friend from Fall 2009 to Winter 2012 (shoved in ground and neglected)...
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    2014 Southeast Regional Bonsai Expo (Nashville, TN)

    Hello all, as I can't stand it when people only post things for promotional reasons, here is a tip when working with Parthenocissus tricuspidata or quinquefolia (Boston Ivy and Winter Creeper). In Japan, these species are defoliated once a year about a month after the first flush hardens to...
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