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    Shimpaku preparation

    Shimpaku preparationand RMJ grafting So today I ended up taking a lot of pictures but also getting a shimpaku show ready for an upcoming show in a couple of weeks
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    Another grafted Ponderosa

    This was grafted last year with JPB This year it was repotted and most of the grafts are alive. About 80%
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    Moss on corkbark - how do you get rid of it

    Does anyone have any remedy. Every year i try to remove most of it using tweezers but it always comes back. With tweezers chunks of bark also gets knocked off. Can i spray it with something instead to kill it and not harm the tree?
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    Home Depot Tree

    Had some time to spare during the day so went to home depot for fun. Every tree there was 50% but I don't usually bother but for some reason I looked at what they had and found this =) A Redspire flowering pear tree. Small white flowers, small fruit. Not bad for 18 bucks!
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    Sun came out

    so I took some pictures
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    Pine cones

    Lots of pine cones on this pondy this year. Leave them or pluck them?
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    Got akadama?

    After a year of searching I finally restocked on enough akadama for the next decade ;) Apparently folks in California are still importing tons of that stuff...
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    Went to a club meeting...

    Couple of people styling douglas firs but the highlight was going home with these The big one The medium one And the small one
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    Help with Japanese white pine

    This pine also needs a new pot but which one... pot 1 pot 2 pot 3 pot 4
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    Help with Shimpaku

    What would you do with this tree. It's time to repot but I wonder if I should keep the current semi cascade/slant style vs a more upright style... The current front
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    Homemade bonsai turnable

    About time I invest on a turnable to use as a work station. Thought I'd make one using a bar stool that I found at target for $50 Height adjustable which is perfect to work standing up or sitting down. Rotates nicely. Doesn't lock. Used the kitchen cutting board as an...
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    Substitute for kanuma?

    With akadama gone from the NW (none of the suppliers have any left) I've decided to use another substitute and I'm not too worried about it. In the case of Kanuma, however, I am hesitant to use anything else for my Satsukis because I use 100% kanuma for repotting. Unfortunately, I am no longer...
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    Abandoned Bonsai

    Interesting video =)
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    Odd discovery at the garden center today (massive shimpaku)

    On my way to the outlet mall, I decide to visit this large garden nursery on the side of the free way and found this...a massive shimpaku. I had no idea they could grow this big. It's been in that pot for a long time because the first inch of soil is essentially just rotting juniper berries...
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    The Brocoli

    Spent the last two days cleaning up this's just incredible the amount of foliage it is able to produce on the inner trunks which are devoid of daylight...I call it the brocoli because that's what Walter Pall called it at one of his tree critique. Here's a view from above to give...
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    What kind of stone is this?

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    My very own Shimpaku group planting

    With all this talk of Shimpaku group planting. I thought I'd try my own. Had a bunch of little shimpakus in the yard. Got them several years ago as whips and forgot about them. Cleaned them up and planning to form a group planting. Here are pictures of the process. Total price since the...
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    Juniper scale

    I have a few shimpaku with juniper scale. Safer's soap doesn't seem to help. Should I try an oil this time of the year and if so which one should I get? Thanks in advance!
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    Project Shimpaku

    This is a recently acquired shimpaku. Quite old with well developed branching. Lots of ramification from years of training...but things are about to change...
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    Christmas came early today

    New trees! A Japanese white pine A Satsuki azalea A Shimpaku
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    Awesome video about Ryan Neil and Bonsaimirai!!!

    Can't believe i just randomly found this but it's worth watching. It's very well made and the trees are great!
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    Pesty Borer

    My ponderosa pine seems to be afflicted by some borer. There's a small hole along the main trunk and all around it the bark split open. Inside, the bark has separated from the hard wood and there is a lot of wood dust everywhere. It's pretty extensive, running up and down the trunk. Any advise...
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    flower blight on azalea

    cold and wet weather here in Portland this spring cause my late blooming satsuki to develop some petal blight this year (about 30% of the flowers) What should I use next year. Any recommended fungicide?
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    Where to buy Kokufu book

    I went to Kokufu 85 this year and would like to buy the book when it comes out. Anybody know how long it usually takes for the book to come out and where to buy on. I know they sell them at the Kokufu book but I'm not going back next year just to get a book =)
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    So Bored!!!

    It's been raining all week so I haven't been able to work on trees since coming back from Japan so I went through my pictures online and a few of them came back decent... All of them are from the green club Sold tag on this tree...lucky buyer! a clump? Anyone likes pine trees...
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