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    Mugo pine

    Actually it appears that I may be the internet villain. Glad to see that all the fan boys rallied to protect the honor of our local specialist/authority on mugos....
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    Mugo pine

    Lots of internet heroes on this board nowadays! Impressive!
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    Mugo pine

    I honestly don't see how I attacked you. I didn't discredit anything you've said through the years about mugo. I know that you're knowledgeable about that species and I know that you grow a lot of them. I was just wondering why others consider you the expert on mugo. Last few threads of mugo...
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    Mugo pine

    I've don't recall bringing that up before but I'm sure it's possible others have brought it up. Vance and I have been on this board since it's creation and I don't recall him being the mugo expert early on. Something must have changed a couple of years ago it seems like...
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    Mugo pine

    My agenda is to figure out why Vance Wood the "the expert in Mugo". Now I know why people think he is...thanks for answering the question!
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    Mugo pine

    so that's how you become "the expert in Mugo" interesting...
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    Mugo pine

    his participation is what most people so far have mentioned...
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    Mugo pine

    You asked for my input If you want an OK bonsai in 20 years - keep in a pot and try your best keeping it healthy If you want a GREAT bonsai that you can put in a show someday, put it in the ground for a couple of decades or more... it all depends on how good you want the end product to look...
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    Mugo pine

    Not trying to start a war - just wondering why some people are considered experts and why Vance Wood in particular is "the mugo expert" I'm sorry but active participation on a bonsai forum does not make one an expert....
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    Kashirahoma no tatsumaki - Ponderosa Pine

    Kashirahoma no tatsumaki no tatsumaki means tornado how did she come up with a Japanese word for Oklahoma? Just curious
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    Mugo pine

    Been on this forum for a long time and doing bonsai even longer. I'm just curious as to what makes Vance Wood "the expert" in mugo I get Walter Pall has more mugos. I bet most professionals in Europe have more mugos. Anyway, I'm not discrediting his knowledge in a species that he seems in grow...
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    Before and After Sierra J

    Love it! Do you know how the roots look like. Looks like they're probably one sided. Gonna be tough getting that tree in a smaller pot
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    Shimpaku preparation

    Finally I thought I'd try my first approach graft - this is itoigawa on RMJ. I gotta say that I don't like the process at all. Not easy to do and I am sure these will take but it's too late now
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    Shimpaku preparation

    I also ended up grafting this RMJ (a bit early in the season but I had some free time) This time I used itoigawa. I have to say that it was a bit harder with itoigawa because the bark is much thinner than regular shimpaku Here are grafts with shimpaku from last year that are doing really...
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    Shimpaku preparation

    Shimpaku preparationand RMJ grafting So today I ended up taking a lot of pictures but also getting a shimpaku show ready for an upcoming show in a couple of weeks
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    Another grafted Ponderosa

    This was grafted last year with JPB This year it was repotted and most of the grafts are alive. About 80%
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    Went to a club meeting...

    Quick update on the grafted ponderosa First one - about 50% of the grafts are growing this year Second one - the small one. Only a couple grafts are alive but growing very strong. Didn't need many anyway cause it's a small tree Dead graft I forgot to cut off Third tree - most...
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    Project Shimpaku

    Quick update
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    Weekend fun with shimpaku

    Quick update
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    New Juniper...

    This tree did die shortly after repotting so I ended up trying something different
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    help with a maple forest

    Forest last years [IM
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    Help with Japanese white pine

    Quick update repotted and bottom branches wired
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    New shimpakus

    Quick update on those three trees First one - the air layers failed a few years back. Last year I just cut everything off and I'm letting it back bud Third one is in need of carving
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    Ponderosa pine

    Quick update
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