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    discussion of growth rate thread

    here we can vent our thoughts, info and improvements about the growth rate thread :) this way the thread can stay purely informative link to G.R. thread:
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    growth rates

    hi peeps? this might prove to become a very valuable thread if we work a bit together ;). Anyways been reading a lot lately and browsing a lot on internet yet i never seem to find any specifics on growth rates for trees (and believe me i know it can be situational but this is more to get a...
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    satsuki (unknown variety)

    recently got this satsuki of which I don't know the variety :( anyways was hoping for some design idea's to help me further on the way with this one and if someone would happen to know the name that would be awesome ;) specs: nebari: +/- 4 inch trunk: +/- 2.2 inch height: 17.7 inch...
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