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    Camellia Sinensis (Tea tree)

    Anyone grow one before bonsai or not? Are they finicky? And if you tried it as a bonsai how did it turn out?
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    Anyone ever try Sassafras as bonsai?

    I've searched the internet for information on this, however, I could not find all that much; so I was wondering if any of you have tried it and what success you had. Thanks.
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    ANYONE air layer yaupon holly before?

    There are tons of them around my house and only a few female. I was wondering how well they took to air layering as a way to get a female tree. I've searched but couldn't find any info on this. Has anyone done it, how long did it take and did it work?
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    Can iron in my water become a problem for my trees?

    As I'm still in high school I live with my parents and I will through college as well, because it's a lot cheaper and college is expensive. Anyway sometime soon I'm going to move in with my mom since she got a new house a couple of months ago. I go there on the weekends and the water tastes...
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    Should I chop a Ficus Kiki?

    I have a ficus kiki and it is about 1.5 feet tall could I chop it down to about 6 or 7 inches. Will it back bud? Thanks in advance :)
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    What's your favorite species for bonsai? :)

    As a beginner I do not yet have a favourite, that and I'm indecisive about favourite anything. But what's your favorite species to work with and if you want to share why is it your favourite? :)
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    Please help! the main branch on my juniper cracked :(

    I got a landscapeing juniper from lowed a few months ago and it did great but my neighbor's dog knocked it down from where it was and the main branch cracked. It didn't break but is disconnected about 3/4 of the way. It is a dwarf garden juniper (that's what the tag said) and is a horizontally...
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    Yay, another tool thread (possible sarcasm)

    I am a beginner at this and I read other posts but I am still unsure of what tools to get. In your opinion should I get a set or get tools individually? Also what type of metal is best, and where should I get them from? I already know I at least need some concave cutters and I should get...
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    Easy to tend trees?

    I am basically new to bonsai. I have a few pre-bonsai that I have had a couple if months and I've taken excellent care of them and will probably shape at least one in spring. But on the 19th my local bonsai club is having an auction that will have tools, trees, pots, ect. I was told it is a good...
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    Soft touch holly help please.

    I bought a soft touch holly to bonsai in the spring and it has done really well. But about 2 weeks ago it fell a couple feet :eek: I don't know if that did anything but last week the leaves on a couple of branches turned dark brown. I cut off those branches and its doing good now :) but I can't...
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