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    Possible Maple disease

    I haven't posted to this forum in quite some time, but I have a problem that has me stumped. I have a couple of maple clumps planted through plexi glass. The one in the photo is about 3 years old, but this year one of the trees is not looking so great. The one next to it is in the same...
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    Looking for hornbeam seedlings

    If anyone has some they'd be willing to sell and ship. I'd be more than happy to pay for them. Thanks.
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    Maple dying

    I am slowly losing one of my Japanese maples and I think its way beyond saving. I noticed about a week ago that all of the leaves shriveled up on it and the trunk began turning black. The green bark around the base and about 1/3 of the way up the trunk is completely black and any branches in...
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    Pest concern!!!

    I was outside this morning doing yard work and my neighbor has a huge lemon tree in their side yard that spills over into my yard. I started trimming it back to the fence line and as I was chopping up the branches to put in my trash, I noticed on one of the small branches there was a section...
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    Differnt types of trident maples

    I have a few trident maples in my yard that have two distinctive leaf types. The leaf on the right is a cutting from a larger tree that was purchased a couple of years ago. The tree on the left is a year old seedling. I personally like the one on the left better. I guess what I'm looking...
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    Root grafting from similar species

    I've been working on a cork elm that was given to me while back and one of its major faults is lack of roots on one side. I have been planning on grafting new roots to that side with rooted cuttings. Many of the cuttings I took last year didn't take, but I am trying again this year with a...
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    Best rooting hormone?

    I'm already making my plans for propagation for this next season and have picked up a few new rooting hormones. I used the cheap Bonide brand rooting hormone you can get at Home Depot last year and had some success. My teacher swears by Dyna Gro gel so I've purchased that. With suggestions...
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    Can anyone tell me whats wrong with this shimpaku

    I was given this shimpaku awhile back and repotted it this past spring. Every since then it just started to look really bad. Now it looks even worse. The foliage has been browning and falling off on one side. If anyone knows what it could be I'd appreciate the help.
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    Slip potting trident maple

    Do you think it would be safe to slip pot a trident maple at this time? The maple is doing really well and seems to be lifting itself out of the pot because its not wired in. I figure if it keeps growing the way it has been I might have a problem. I live in Fresno and it has been unseasonably...
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    JBP question

    How old does a JBP need to be before it starts to produce cones? I have about 25 seedlings that I've started from seed and all are doing very well. I'm considering allowing one to grow freely for years to be a mother plant solely for the purpose of collecting cones. I know I can also get...
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    Problem with trident maple seeds

    Back in December I purchased Trident Maple seeds and Japanese Black Pine seeds to sow this spring. They were soaked for 48 hours then went into the refrigerator around the end of December and came out at the end of March. They went into seed trays and my JBP's are doing fantastic. I have 22...
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    What is this?

    I've had this shimpaku for awhile and it's had this ever since I've had it. It's happy and healthy, but it has all these little dead ends to some of the foliage. Can you guys tell me what it means?
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    Something eating cuttings

    I went out today to take a look at all my trees and something has been chewing on the new buds on my quince cuttings. Nothing was touched on the pomegranate or Chinese elm cuttings right next to them. I have no idea what it could be. It has to be some kind of insect because the buds are just...
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    Shade after repotting

    I was told recently that the whole idea of shading a tree for the first month or so after re-potting might in fact be a myth. I did a little research and I have come across many articles for shading and many that say sheltering from the wind is more important and good warm sun is actually...
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    Tool sharpening/ blade truing

    Just thought I'd ask where some of you guys go for your blade sharpening and truing?
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    Mugo pine foliage grafting

    How likely would the success of grafted foliage be on a Mugo pine? I'm talking about taking scions from the tree and actually grafting them higher and closer up the tree.
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    Very first styling, wiring of mugo pine

    So this was a bush I bought back late last summer but finally did some work to it. Just wanted to get some thoughts on the design. What about time of year to repot? The pic doesn't show it but the tree has a really nice trunk down at the base. Thanks
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    Show us your tool box/bag

    On another forum I'm a part of we did a show us your EDC bag. I thought it might be kinda cool to see what might turn up on a website like this. Show us your setup maybe some of your favorite or most useful tools.
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    Shimpaku cuttings

    I have a pot with a few shimpaku cuttings that was given to me and I want to know when the best time to split them up into individual containers would be. I'm sure they are all rooted as I think they're more than a season old.
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    Working on dormant trident maple again

    I have a trident maple I bought back in December and did a small amount of work on it to get rid of a couple of old dead sacrifice branch stubs. I have been thinking about removing a couple of lower branches because I think they are useless. I did this when I bought in December and was...
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    New greenhouse

    I just finished my new greenhouse for my new house. I don't have a ton of space but I did get the whole side yard to do whatever I wanted with. All that's left is to tack up the plastic tomorrow. Thought I'd post it and see what you guys think. I wanted to see what kind of...
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    Procumbens Juniper

    I've had this little guy for a few months now and I know it's a long way off, but I think it's got a little potential. I posted in another thread that I may put this in the ground for a few years, but I'm wondering if I do, will the lower branch become too thick and possibly create reverse...
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    Soil/fertilizer questions

    I'm moving into a new house and I've been officially given the green light to turn one whole side of the house into my personal bonsai garden. I've been doing some planning with the space and have decided to make a small area my grow field. I have a juniper, a pine and some maples I'd like to...
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    Cut too large of a branch

    So I cut just a little too large of branch with my branch cutters and now there's a bit of a gap near the pointed section of the blade. Any way of fixing this or have I damaged the tool?
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