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  1. Littlejoe919

    Before and after Hinoki styled by Bjorn

    8/17/19 @ the Bonsai Learning Center near Charlotte NC It's a tree I picked up from Matt Smith, so it's a Brussel's tree. I was told it's was a cuttings grown tree and is between 10 - 12 years old. I think it turned out great.
  2. Littlejoe919

    Will a fungicide kill moss?

    Title says it all. Thanks,
  3. Littlejoe919

    Ginkgo gone wild

    So I got this Ginkgo last spring from the Bonsai Learning Center. This spring I put it in one of my grow beds and it's just going crazy. In the first picture you can see the the original trunk and structure which is 13" tall. It's now 27" tall. I had always heard they were slow grower. I'm...
  4. Littlejoe919

    Fungus amungus

    Hello Is there a good fungal treatment for both pines and maples? They are the majority of my collection, and both are showing signs. I have copper and neem oil. Thanks,
  5. Littlejoe919

    Cedar ID

    Just picked up this cedar for very cheap, I just don't know which type it is. Thanks for your help.
  6. Littlejoe919

    First big juniper - too late to get out of this soil?

    Just picked this up off of the .99 bonsai auction FB page for $55 + shipping. Is it to late this year to get it out of this soil? Also, which kind of juniper is it? Was only listed as a "Nana". Thanks,
  7. Littlejoe919

    Watering Ponderosa through the winter

    I got my Ponderosa in June of this year. In all the research I've done, I've pretty much watered it every day when it hasn't rained. Now that it is going dormant, Should I continue this practice? It's in very well draining inorganic soil. Thank you for your time.
  8. Littlejoe919

    Pines in winter care?

    This was taken from facebook as a reply to someone asking about Ponderosa's in zone 8a. Is there truth to this thinking? "if Dormant for a short period, straight shade on the north side, is beneficial, rather than detrimental. Here, in winter, the sun is almost horizontal and everything...
  9. Littlejoe919

    Systemics for fungus and insects ?

    What do you use? When, why and how? Thank you for your time.
  10. Littlejoe919

    Cannibalism - Cutting down trees to make room for more benches

    Just had 4 more large trees removed from my property to make room for more benches and provide more sunlight. I feel kinda bad.
  11. Littlejoe919

    Thoughts on my first Ponderosa

    I received this ponderosa from Andy Smith yesterday. I have it in slight morning sun for the next week or two, after that it will get 6-8 hours of mostly full sun. My main question is, when can I start fertilizing the crap out of it? I have both Bio gold and Green Dream on hand. It was collected...
  12. Littlejoe919

    Would you dig this?

    I believe it's a winged elm. It's currently very tall, but I just love the rugged trunk. It has a little bend in it from growing around the old log. I'm not sure what the base looks like. Thanks,
  13. Littlejoe919

    Turtle back JBP?

    New addition to my "weird" bench. It has 7 trunks, what do you think?
  14. Littlejoe919

    New bench

  15. Littlejoe919

    When it shows up like this

    You do this in less than 2 hrs.
  16. Littlejoe919

    My new corker

    Super excited. That is all :cool:
  17. Littlejoe919

    Overwintering a rock planting

    I recently made a rock planting with boxwoods. I really like how it came out. Never really considered how to over winter it beforehand. What would you suggest in Durham, NC Thank you,
  18. Littlejoe919

    What did you do when your 1st favorite tree died

    How did you move on? I currently don't even want to spend time at my benches beyond watering.
  19. Littlejoe919

    New tree from Brent Pinus thunbergii 'Hayabusa'

    Got it yesterday. Today, it went into my raised grow bed. Planted it deep in hopes of it ground layering itself. Anything I can do to encourage that?
  20. Littlejoe919

    Combining a rock and a pot

    What do you all think? To eventually have a short boxwood forest on top.
  21. Littlejoe919

    How do you deal with deadwood on JBP

    One of my pines has a ten-jin that I'd like to keep. At a recent workshop with Bjorn, he said that black pines shouldn't have bleached white (lime sulfur) deadwood. I have another JBP that has a nice shari I'd like to accentuate as well. How do you treat the deadwood on JBP?
  22. Littlejoe919

    Hey Judy

    @JudyB , I promised you I'd get it styled by Bjorn. Took a couple years, but I did! Before: During: And after:
  23. Littlejoe919

    Little help please

    Just a little concerned about my trident. I defoliated it almost 2 weeks ago and it's been sitting in a spot that only gets morning sun. So I don't think it's leaf burn. What's up with these leaves? Thanks for looking,
  24. Littlejoe919

    How would you repot this?

    Having just received this. I know It shouldn't be repotted till next spring, and it won't be. It is in a 2 gallon nursery pot and probably has been for some time. I'm just trying to get a jump on planning for it. Also, would this pot work? Thank you in advance.
  25. Littlejoe919

    My Mi Nishiki

    So excited that this tree is on it's way to me. Thanks Brent! Always wanted a corker on it'd own roots.
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